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  • Bon Voyage Fondant covered, hand painted fondant patches.  It's great what an artist friend of mine can paint with a bottle of...
  • Valentine's Cookies Heavenly Sugar cookies with my favorite sugar cookie icing recipe.  It's PS, karo, milk, almond..... Love it!
  • Hot Pink Zebra BC iced with MMF accents.  Silver Dragees on the belt buckle.  I originally made poured sugar diamonds, but they wouldn't...
  • Black and White Topsy MMF covered with accents.
  • Melia's One! BC with MMF accents.  The bees are on wires and the honey is piping gel.  This was for a 1...
  • Undersea Wedding BC with airbrush, piped coral, mmf starfish and figures, wire for the fish stringer. The 'Just Married' that you see...
  • Mario Kart 1/4 sheet BC with fondant accents except for the flag and karts, they are gumpaste.
  • Candyland BC cake with a fun variety of candies, fondant spaces, gumpaste signs, fondant candycane, disco glitter on white chocolate snowflakes,...
  • Queen of Hearts 1/4 sheet BC with hand painted fondant queen and fondant accents.
  • Ivory Wedding Covered with Fondant, piped with royal.
  • Rachel and Rebecca 1/4 sheet with carved skate.  Skate covered with MMF and gumpaste blade that's airbrushed.  Roses are fondant.  Fun, fun, fun!
  • G Force fondant accents, toys purchased from store.  The kids ate everything!
  • Lloyd's 70 Fondant covered with gumpaste stars, figurine and globe.  There is a small short string helping the globe stay up.  I...
  • Baby Boy Cupcakes Thanks to dods's picture for inspiration!  Standard size cupcakes, fondant accents
  • Kevin's Dartboard Hand painted fondant, gumpaste dart, royal piping wire and numbers.  When searching for ideas, I came across albumangel's picture.  Thanks!
  • Fall Leaves Covered with MMF, Gumpaste leaves that are airbrushed then hand painted the veins.
  • The G.A.P. Project These were for the premier of the 1969 Jean Line at the G.A.P.  I made 100 cupcakes with T-Shirts and...
  • Cherry Blossom MMF covered and pink ribbon with gumpaste flowers.  Royal piped flower centers.
  • Pink and Purple Castle BC with Fondant roses
  • 40th Topsy Turvy As every cake is a learning experience.....   I had a lot of fun with this one!!!  All Fondant accents except...
  • Sarah's 11 BC with Fondant accents.  Gumpaste stars.  The tiers are 8", 6" and jumbo cupcake on top.
  • Pink Ballet Gumpaste slippers and roses.  Fondant ribbons, pearls and leaves.  BC on Cake.
  • Metallica Rocks! Ok, so I totally learned a lot from this.  Thank you to David, from the cake club, for help on...
  • Brianna Austin BC, gumpaste fantasy flowers with non edible stamens, gumpaste cross airbrushed with fondant drape.
  • Becca BC 1/4 sheet, MMF covered loaf, Gumpaste shoe, plaque and roses, fondant ribbons and accents, hand painted ribbons.  Flip flop...
  • Underwater BC with fondant accents, airbrushed.
  • Fountain / Stairs Wedding BC, Lots of cakes, Fun to do!
  • Gone Fishin' MMF covered... Airbrushed details... Thanks posters on CC for inspiration for this cake!  We went deep sea fishing for my...
  • Princess Olga BC with fondant mardi gras beads.  The recipient of this cake has 'issues' with colored icing, hence the white corner!
  • Cupcake Collage 38 cupcakes adorn this tree (13 on tree)  BC with star sprinkles and foil fireworks... airbrushed blue and red!  Happy...
  • A day at the Beach BC with fondant accents, graham cracker sand and chocolate melt shells.  Very fun to make!
  • All About Sweets Basic BC with BC roses.  This was for a door prize at a networking meeting.  Everyone wanted to win this...
  • Corn on the Cobb Cupcakes with yellow icing, jellybeans, and a starburst for the pat of butter!  Totally fun to make!!!
  • Ahoy! BC with fondant sailboats around the side. Matched the invite very well!!!
  • Wedding Castle BC with Gumpaste and Fondant accents.  Gumpaste bride and groom, my first ones!  Airbrushed bricks.  Lots of fun to create!
  • Music Cake BC with fondant music notes and a rice paper banner. BC roses.
  • Sea Monster This is an 8" covered in BC with fondant sea monster and fish around the sides.  Airbrushed water.
  • Curious George Flies High Curious George made from fondant, as is the airplane and banner.  BC on 8" with airbrushed sky.
  • 2May09.JPG MMF covering White Almond with Raspberry filling.  Gumpaste roses I totally enjoyed making!  Thanks for looking!

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