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  • Green Cobra For a snake lover :-)
  • Steel Sharks Birthday cake for my son who is playing football in the team of the Steel Sharks.
  • Rudi Made out of Modeling Chocolate :-)
  • Ho Ho Ho Santa Giraffe :-)
  • Hdr
  • Polar Gang Modelling exercise :-)Inspired by Cake Dutchess and Carlos Lischetti!
  • My Dog ... named Benny!Made out of Sugarpaste :-)
  • Cat and Dog Made of gumpaste - as a part of a cake topper.
  • Bunny Couple for my easter decoration,thanks for looking!
  • Leo the Lion for a little boy - his name is Leo
  • Couple with Sunflowers For a girl who likes traditional costumes- that's an Austrian "Trachtenpaerchen" with "Dirndl und Lederhose"
  • Leberk?s-Semmel roll diameter 28 cm, Chocolate cake covered with fondant, airbrushed
  • Pink Lily Pink lilies made from gumpaste, couple handmade out of polymer clay.
  • Pink Lily made from gumpaste
  • Little Horse with butterfly on his nose, made from gumpaste.For a little girl's 9th birthday.
  • My Honey .. isn't he sweet??
  • Pig Angel Made out of gumpaste, inspired by "" the online-cake-magazin by Betty's Sugar Dreams
  • Poinsetta from sugarpaste
  • Little Sweet Devil looks like my hubby :-)made from fondant
  • Little Witch Made of fondant - inspired by Betty's Sugardreams!Thanks for looking
  • Easy Modelling That fits for kids!
  • Teddy Couple just for fun ;-)
  • For me This cake I made for Mother's Day with gumpaste decoration - thanks for looking!
  • Green Day For a great fan of Green Day - thanks for looking!
  • Flowers Decorated together with my 12 years old daughter - thanks for looking!
  • Peonies and orchid Sugarpaste flowers in a ceramic pot - thanks for looking!
  • Wedding couple Made out of fondant and sugarpaste - thanks for looking!
  • The Town Musicians of Bremen Made for a Fairytale-Competition, cake covered in fondant, decoration sugarpaste, thanks for looking!
  • Karate Cover and decoration made out of fondant!Thank you for looking!
  • For You Cover and decoration made out of fondant. Trying airbrush for the first time!
  • Carrot Cake Covered in fondant, rabbit made out of sugarpaste
  • Dragon for Jonas Dragon made out of fondant. For a boy's 9th birthday - he likes fantasy stories!
  • Lilli*fee Little fairy - made out of sugarpaste
  • Little Owl sitting on a perch - made out of fondant, for my mother-in-law, she is collecting owls.
  • Farm*Ville*Sheeps For my "neighbours" 21st Birthday!Sheeps inspired by Lorraine McKay, she made such a useful video-tutorial!
  • Best Health! Animals made of fondant.
  • Snowman Inspired by Betty's Sugar Dreams!Fondant covered cake with fondant decoration.
  • Skiing Girl For a young lady who likes skiing, she loves her helmet wíth funny ears!Covered with fondant and fondant decoration.
  • Freesia, cyclamen and anemone I made sugarpaste-flowers for the first time :-)
  • Venetian Mask Carnival in Venice, cupcake with decoration in fondant.
  • Thank you cake Covered and decorated with fondant.Inspired by Betty' Sugar Dreams new book ;-))
  • Girl with bear 6th birthday!Covered with fondant and fondant decoration, inspired by Betty's Sugar Dreams new book!!
  • Little Fairy-Princess Cake topper for a girly-party, made out of fondant
  • Pigs Made out of fondant to put on a birthday cake for a man who works at a farm.
  • Ghost Couple Cupcake decoration made of fondant.Making was so much fun!
  • Little Girl Inspired by Betty's Sugar Dreams!
  • Winterfun My entry to Tortenshow Hamburg!
  • Leo the lion Sugarpaste modeling
  • Jack Decorated completely in fondant, I made the decoration together with my 12 jears old daughter! It was much fun!
  • Little Dormouse Mini cake with the little dormouse from Alice in ........Covered in fondant with sugarpaste decoration.
  • Ladies Fashion Mini cake fashion themed!Sugarpaste model figures with outlines.
  • Baby Rudy little cake topper - made from sugarpaste!
  • Doorknob My first cookie decorated with fondant!Much fun ;-))
  • Sunshine This is the cake of my 12 years old daughter Pia. She made this cake for a cake competition -...
  • Castle with dragon-baby For my daughters 12th birthday party!
  • Little bear A small present!
  • Shopping bag! A girlfriend of my daughter had her 14th birthday. We gave her a voucher and so she needed also a...
  • Cat holding a card Cat made from sugarpaste!As a holder for a plastic voucher-card.
  • Mouse I made this cake for my girl friend, covered in fondant an fondant accents.
  • Buon viaggio! For a friend who got a journey to Milano!
  • Jump into the water Invited to a pool-party!
  • 70th Birthday This was the cake for my father's 70 th Birthday. He likes to work in his garden, he likes to...
  • Little Elephant I wanted to try because I saw this in a tutorial.Made of fondant.
  • Little Frog
  • Seven Cats and One Sofa Cats made out of fondant!
  • Fairy with heart Covered with fondant and fondant accents.For my husband  - I'm his fairy !Our Children he calls his "little bears"!
  • Blue squares with elefant Fondant decoration made together with my little daughter!Thank you for looking!
  • D-Mouse Made out of Fondant - as a funny Topper on a very little cake!
  • Ark Covered with fondant and fondant accents!My first Christening cake
  • Little Helpers For my mother becaues she is my best helper.Pot covered with fondant and icing, figures also made out of fondant.It...
  • Together 18th Wedding Anniversary,to surprise my husband!
  • Baby with blocks for a baby-cake!
  • farmer-bike-cake I made thiscake for my uncle's retirement  and birthday party. He is a farmer and he loves to go by...
  • BCR Matrix For my teacher because of a question about BCR-Matrix!Covered with fondant and fondant accents
  • Sleeping Bunny Easter cake for my family, covered in fondant with fondant accents.

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