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  •  Happy 4Th Of July!   Patriotic Candy Barrel Cake I made for our annual BBQ on the 4th of July!
  •  Valentine's Cookies   NFSC with Antonia's. Nothing fancy, but they turned out cute. Happy Valentine's Day!
  •  Valentine's Candy Barrel Cake   Just a little 6" candy barrel cake with white kit kats and valentine's M&M's
  •  Valentine's Candy Box Cake  Like everyone else, I had to try Bakerella's candy box cake. Mine isn't nearly as cute as hers, but I think it will taste good,...
  •  Spaghettit Cake  We're having a big dinner with Lasagna and other Italian favorites and I am supposed to bring dessert. They said just make cake balls...
  •  Valentine's Cake Balls  Made some cake balls with the candy mold for the bottom. Thanks for the idea Bakerella! They look like cute little Valentine's...
  •  Valentine's Cookies   NFSC with Antonia74 RI. Made these as practice cookies and took them to work, where they were greatly appreciated!
  •  Bakerella's Cupcake Bites   First try making Bakerella's cupcake bites. They were pretty cute, but tasted even better!
  •  Simple Christmas Cupcakes   Made some simple Christmas cupcakes to take to a potluck at work. Decorations on top are candy melts.
  •  Christmas Goodies   Sugar Cookies and candies that I took to work. First time making homemade marshmallows, and they were so good!
  •  Christmas Candy Barrel Cake   My friends loved the candy barrel cake, so I wanted to try to make a Christmas looking one for a get-together tonight.
  •  Mom's 60Th Birthday  I made 3 cakes for my Mom's 60th birthday. 10" button box, with candy melt button. (Used First Impression mold for some), 8"...
  •  Halloween Goodies   The goodies I'm taking to my brothers Halloween party! Thanks for the great ideas CC'ers!

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