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  • Indians Vanilla and cocoa cake, chocolate cream, apricot jam, blueberry jam
  • Lamb on a meadow Vanilla cake, cream caramel, apricot jam, cocoa cake, yogurt, whipped cream, blueberry jam, marzipan, fondant
  • Dolls at the celebration Vanilla cake, strawberry cream, strawberries, fondant
  • The lawnmower Hecht
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate shawings
  • Ground hog from czech movies
  • Crazy for my college!
  • Strawberries II. Green Chocolate icing, marzipan
  • Strawberries
  • Small sea
  • The Sun!
  • Hello Kitty 2D
  • Small tear with the puppies in the basket Present for my dear father!
  • Baby in basket Cake for a friend, who was born a daughter.
  • Oval with whipped cream and fruit
  • Fish - carp, with the fishing metro Decorated with fondant.
  • The Fruit Sunflower Cocoa sponge dough, cottage cheese and whipped cream, peaches, blueberries, gelatin.
  • Big tear with fresh fruit Sponge dough, fruit cream, fruit, gelatin.
  • Muffins with butterflies Dough with sour cream and cranberries. Marzipan butterflies and flowers.
  • Muffins with litlle roses Dough from wholemeal flour with chopped nuts. Fondant roses, white chocolate icing.
  • Punch
  • Peppa Pig
  • Knitted gloves, dog mascot, Snowball
  • Gallery6878901268516235
  • Baby stroller with a baby
  • Hello Kitty 2D
  • Peppa Pig Family in forest
  • Cheerful raspberry and naughty strawberry
  • Blue heart for mom!
  • Cupcakes wit green buttercream
  • Rasta muffins
  • For friends with cards
  • Rural farm
  • Christmas dream fulfilled
  • Grapes for 40!
  • For Professor hop
  • Harvest hop cone
  • Cross roads with cars
  • Purple heart with black and white roses
  • Big tear with flowers
  • For my father with his liked cards
  • Story  of Autumn
  • Choco Heart with yellow roses
  • Window in the Church with St. Christopher
  • Family in swimming pool
  • Weekend house on the mountain
  • The Notebook
  • The pink dream
  • Bob Builder with friend
  • Sausage dog Chocolate cake, chocolate cream, strawberies!
  • Sweet box Cake Sweet-box for my mother :-)
  • Cheetah resting
  • Taxi without car :-)
  • The golden bird of love
  • Shoes for young lady
  • Tank with tankists
  • With roses!
  • Old Castle Fondant
  • Tractor
  • Frances and Francis for kids Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, banana, fondant
  • Thomas Chocolate cake, vanilla butercream, fondant
  • The funny cow Marzipan and fondant
  • 40 ladybirds Sugarpaste
  • Sunflowers and more flowers Sugarpaste
  • Orchids and more flowers Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! And Sugarpaste
  • Elefant calf Vanilla and cacao cake, chocolate buttercream, blueberries, marshmellows fondant, marzipan
  • Bob Builder Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, banana, Sugarpaste and Marzipan
  • The little cur dog Chocolate cake, chocolate animal´s hair, Sugarpaste
  • Flowers in green Chocolate cake with vanilla cream, Sugarpaste icing and flowers

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