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  •  Baby Girl   Simple yellow cake with vanilla pudding filling. MMF & gumpaste decorations (Idea from cake central)
  •  Mario Brothers   Yellow cake with buttercream & MMF decorations
  •  It's 5 O'clock Somewhere....  Coworker's retirement - yellow cake with bavarian cream filing MMF, sugar cookies & pretzel palm trees (thanks CC) another great...
  •  Purse Cake   Yellow cake with chocolate chips and orange liquor for the ladies night out. MMF & Molding chocolate for the decorations.
  •  Shoe Diva   My nieces birthday cake strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. Another idea from cake central
  •  Circles & Swirls   Key lime flavored cake with MMF & gumpaste decorations
  •  Byron's Real Madrid   Black forest cake with MMF
  •  Robin Cake
  •  Diggy's Captain America   Chocolate cake with strawberry filing covered in MMF
  •  Wilson Cake   Black forest cake covered in MMF
  •  Michael's Motorcycle Cake   WASC with strawberry cream cheese filling, motorcycle is made of white chocolate
  •  Dominic's Cars Cake   WASC with strawberry cream cheese filling - rice krispy treat car in fondant

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