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  • dress me in colors marzipan princess
  • rosebud(dy) anne geddes inspired marzipan baby in a rose
  • Snorkmaiden
  • Anne Geddes Inspired Marzipan Baby Girl anne geddes inspired marzipan baby girl
  • rainbow cupcakes rainbows on clouds
  • Midwife cake topper  caketopper for my friends graduation party. midwife with baby =)
  • cake topper babygirl caketopper
  • autumn cupcakes marzipan
  • babybear cake topper
  • baby in a rosebud "see you soon mom"
  • moomin niece's 3rd b-day. she asked me for the moomin, i made her next to it.=) marzipan, sugarpaste
  • mermaid my daughter's 4th b-day, mermaid+other details marzipan
  • princess doll-cake surprise cake for a friend, everything is sugarpasteMy first doll-cake ever, -turned out pretty well! =)
  • Blossom baby my niece's 1st b-day cake, she even got to taste it, -there must be a 1. time for everything =)
  • little missy 2nd b-day cake for my 7-year old =) princess+flower on the top marzipan, cover MMF
  • surprise! my daugher turned 7! girl marzipan, everything else-mmf
  • twinkle twinkle little star..* my niece's 8th birthday <3 marzipan
  • welcome new niece marzipan
  • barbamama marzipan
  • 'I am a miracle' my son's 'blessing'-cake =) marzipan-what else ;)
  • Butterfly surrounded by flowers my daughter's 3rd birthday cake, details marzipan
  • Little rosebud my 3rd niece was born..<3
  • happy mermaid my daughters 6th b-day <3 decorations marzipan and water piping gel
  • roses and butterfly niece's 7th b-day <3
  • kitten on cupcake tiny kitten fallen asleep on a giant cupcake. marzipan
  • bumble bee my niece's 1st b-daycake. 'toddlerbee'marzipan
  • chocolate&flowers
  • sweetie&moomin my daughter's 2nd birthdaycake, figures marzipan, flowers sugarpaste
  • Lady GaGa this was an interesting cake to make =) lady gaga and letters marzipan, others MMF
  • chocolate butterflies
  • disco! birthday cake for a friend who threw a 80ies themed party
  • roses roses.. wedding cake, details marzipan. the text was part of a song which was sung at the wedding..
  • wedding cupcakes 80 cupcakes for my friend's wedding
  • we <3 you a valentine's day cake i made for the party we're throwing for our friends. Here the day is called 'friend's...
  • tiny roses Chocolate, MMF
  • faith-hope-love cupcakes MMF, chocolate
  • belle my daughter's 5th birthday cake, marzipan.I had had terrible migraine for 3 days on the day the cake was to...
  • castle every princess must have a castle! belle's castle, MMF
  • mermaid my nieces 6th birthday cake. Mermaid of marzipan, other figures of sugarpaste, covering MMF.
  • Luula my nieces 'welcome-cake', everything MMF
  • floating thumbling i made this cake for my younger daughter who turned 1. not that she appreciated it at the moment, but...
  • mokka-chocolate
  • pippi + monkey all MMF
  • kitten+girl
  • princess
  • bullfinches my mother turned 52. her nest is empty and now she has to go on with her life, she's given...
  • love is in the air.. my sister+ her husband cast away, but being content by having each other, her books+his guitar =) everything marzipan.
  • psalm 139 hand holding baby, -both marzipan. coating, text+hearts MMF.
  • heartshaped my first time to use MMF =)
  • moomin-cake 2nd birthday of my husband's niece. her favourite moomin-characters on the top of the cake.
  • sister's wedding
  • sister's wedding one of the many cakes..lyrics from the song 'I'll take care of you', which was sung at the wedding..

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