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  •  Sophisticated Baby   white and choc cake. bc icing. hand drawn
  •  Movie Time   so this was a challenge, marble cake and strawberry cake, all bc icing. action card in front is cardboard iced in black
  •  16   white cake/ bc icing
  •  Girly Skull   for my best friends daughter, white and chocolate cake with buttercream icing
  •  Treasure Chest   for my fiance's little girl. marble cake with elite (whipped) icing
  •  Spongebob  chocolate cake with whipped icing, first one i have made. little disappointed with arms and legs but we have to learn somewhere. i think it...
  •  Baby Shower   white cake with elite (whipped) icing, all hand drawn
  •  Girly Spider Cake   10" chocolate, 8" white, 5" white, buttercreme icing
  •  Xbox Console   white and chocolate cake and bc icing, im actually very proud of this, turned out beter than i thought
  •  Classy Lady   this is to me the classy version of the torso cake, white cake with bc icing, all bc
  •  Electric Guitar  well this cake...... it was awesome until when i was about to take a picture of it i dropped my camera into the cake :( but i fixed it...
  •  Pirate   white and choc cupcakes and buttercreme icing
  •  Tye Dye   bc icing and airbrush