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  • Toilet Birthday And Faith Wedding 005 Copy
  • BMX
  • Kiss of Yellow
  • Smurf Cake Was So Fun To Make You Can Eat Everthing Smurf cake, was so fun to make.  You can eat everthing!
  • BUSCH LIGHT CAKE 54 servings of chocolate cake.  SO heavey!
  • Birthday Angel
  • Finding nemo 48 servings with Squirt smash cake.
  • Monster Truck All cake. Tires are all chocolate. used 6lbs of
  • sunflower wedding
  • Petal Fluff
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Bling
  • Siliver Rose
  • watermolen and drum
  • frog wedding
  • Aspen Wedding hand made all the flowers and mushrooms and leaves.
  • Splat
  • Steam Punk First time using my airbrush..I love it.  This was a graduation cake for a girl that was in love with...
  • Hawaiian Graduation
  • Luke's 1st Birthday
  • Pink flower
  • Lady with red lips
  • blue lily
  • lily
  • Golf, Wine, and Grandkids
  • Sprint
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Cinderilla's Castle
  • Pink Zibra
  • Ladybug
  • Zelda
  • Dr. Suess You Can eat everything, but wire, all hand painted.
  • Mini Carz Race Trace
  • Black Silk 4 tier
  • Mater
  • 1970 Roadrunner
  • Cody Baby
  • Baby Carrage
  • Rainbow Frog Bath
  • Tow-Mader Cupcake Cake
  • Golf
  • Baby's First Birthday "Barn Yard"
  • Grizz"s Motocross
  • Halo
  • Ballerina Piggy
  • Victorian Baby Box
  • Twilight
  • Kristina's 31st Birthday
  • Yellow Dressed Barbie
  • 25th Ann. Cake, White Daisys and Roses
  • Precious Moments BC Trans, not a rice paper print out!
  • Zebra Diva
  • Orange Swirl Rose Wedding Cake
  • Giants V. Cowboys This is a birthday cupcake cake for two brothers.  One turned 10 and the other 12.  I put their names...
  • Cupcake Wedding-Hot Pink and Black This was my first cupcake wedding cake.  6 and 8 inch, Chocolate-6 and White-8.  Cupcakes are half and half.  Husband...
  • Hallee Bug Lime Green Zebra cake.  Yes lime gree, stupid Anyway, its Butter Pound Cake with BBC and MMF.  I painted...
  • Barrel Racer
  • RED BLING This cake was fun, but such a pain.  The little bling took forever to put on the ribbon.  RV cake...
  • Orange Lily Orange Grove Cake all the way with Orange Whip.  Bride and Groom have been long time costumers and have ordered...
  • Rose Top
  • Red on Red Orange cake and filling.  MMF.  Love this cake. TFL!
  • Black and White Ribbon and silk flowers.  MMF.  RV cake and CCBC.
  • Pink and Gray Silk Almond cake and Ras. Filling.  MMF and silk flowers and ribbon. TFL!
  • Zim the Invader Was a Birthday girls fav. cartoon.  I had never seen it but gave it my best.  The Dog/Robot and Pig...
  • Old frog This cake is lemon with lemon whip.  It was for a 74th Birthday.
  • Mountain Lion This was a vanilla cake with almond filling.  For a man that loves to Mountain Lion hunt.
  • A is for awesome 6" Marble and 8" Fun Fedi.  Buttercream with Fondant Acc.  For a 10th Birthday.
  • A sleeping man catchs no This cake is Orange Grove with Orange Whip filling. mmmm.  It was made for a man that loves the out...
  • Wimpy Kid CupCake Cake for son's school birthday party.  Its nice because the teacher can just pull them apart.  Kids love it.
  • Wings Just for fun
  • Little Pet Shop This little girl wanted a house with a kitchen on top.  All the windows in the house show the inide...
  • SpongeBob For a little boy's Birthday cake
  • Birthday Tulips Made this cake for my mothers birthday.  She loved it so thats all that  It is a Orange grove...
  • SpongeBob Cupcake cake with buttercream transfer.
  • Kilan
  • Shoe Box Ckae is White Chocolate with Raspberry filling.  BBC and Fondant and hand painted.  Shoes are Fondant, need to try it...
  • baby boy Make this cake for fun.  Didn't quite turn out like I would have liked it to, but still not bad....
  • Red Silk Red Velvet cake and Silk flowers, another plain cake But it was yummy!
  • First shoes This was my first time making shoes.  They didnt turn out that bad.  Will be making more though.
  • Roses white cake with BBC, Fondant covered and fondant roses.
  • Stacked
  • Hand Embroidery This is the first time that I have done Embroidery.  It was fun and easyer than I thought it would...
  • Monkey Girl For my daughter's first birthday.
  • Race Race track for my 3 year old son.
  • Storming the Beach I made this cake for one of my son's Birthday.  He loves everything Army.
  • SpongeBob Noting went right with this cake.  Like the blue frosting that ended up green. LOL.  But it still tasted gr8....
  • thanksgiving_002.JPG I made this cake for my husband and his co-workers that had to work on Thanksgiving.
  • Princess Cake for Two I made this cake for a friend.

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