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  • Cheshire Cat baby shower cake
  • Olaf birthday cake Chocolate cake with fondant Olaf on a fondant blanket and buttercream grass.
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  • Book Made From Krispy Treats Covered In Fondant Ring Made From Marshmallow Fondant With Gum Paste Added Book made from krispy treats, covered in fondant. Ring made from marshmallow fondant with gum paste added.
  • White Coat Celebration Cake For A Pharmacy Graduation Two Layer 9 X 13 Cake With Buttercream Frosting And Marshmallow Fondant White Coat celebration cake for a Pharmacy graduation.  Two layer 9 x 13 cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant.
  • Vow renewal cake A 2 tier, square cake, iced in buttercream and adorned with fondant decorations. The cake features a timeline of the...
  • Grandma's Gambling Cake Fondant cake topped with fondant, gum paste, and krispie treats covered in fondant. Features a bingo card, poker chips, dice,...
  • High heel cake Gum paste high heel shoe on leopard print fondant cake.
  • Magic Show Birthday Cake 2 layer, 11x15 inch cake base, topped with a rice krispy treat top hat and rabbit covered in fondant; with...
  • Dale Gribble Cake 9x13" cake with butter cream icing and covered in fondant.
  • Lightning McQueen cake Lightning McQueen made from rice krispy treats and covered in fondant, atop a 2 layer, 9x13" cake iced in pale...
  • Bird house cake The bridal theme was Mason jars, burlap and birdhouses.....and I tried to deliver with this cake. The bird house, and...
  • King of the Hill Groom's cake 2 layer, 9x13" cake, covered in fondant with the King of the Hill alley scene painted in food coloring, topped...
  • Willow Tree Wedding Cake 2 tier, round cake with cream and white fondant, gum paste carnations and flowers, topped with Willow Tree figurines
  • Chicago Cake Chicago skyline painted on white fondant. Black and white decoration around the bottom imitates the checkerboard pattern on Chicago police...
  • Tangled Birthday Cake Fondant decorations on buttercream icing. The sides of the cake look like the stone walls of a castle, and the...
  • Dr Pepper cake White and strawberry cake, covered with buttercream and fondant.
  • Minute Maid Cherry Limeade cake Strawberry cake with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.
  • Kung fu birthday Pagoda made of graham crackers, on top of a 3 layer 10" cake, covered in fondant, with Chinese characters and...
  • Cheetah cake Chocolate and white cakes, covered in fondant, painted with a cheetah pattern, and topped with a large bow and ribbon
  • Sweet 16 Birthday cake White cake with pink buttercream and fondant.
  • Peas in a pod baby shower cake Cake and cupcakes for baby shower
  • Billy Mays birthday cake Chocolate cake and chocolate icing with fondant image of Billy Mays.
  • Monkey birthday cake 3 layer fondant cake, surrounded by cupcakes, with fondant decorations, and fondant monkeys.
  • Tie dye cake Cake with tie-dyed fondant and peace symbols.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Cake 8" round, 2 layer cake with fondant and Hello Kitty fondant decorations.
  • Wolverine's claw 12" round, 3 layer cake with Wolverine's claw coming through the top!
  • Call of Duty cake Camo fondant and the Call of Duty  silhouette of a soldier
  • Hawaiian Themed Children's birthday cake A 3 layer, 10" round cake, featuring a hula girl, dolphins, waves, and flowers.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas cake A scene from Nightmare Before Christmas, featuring Jack Skellington and Sally
  • Gun cake Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and a fondant target, gun and bullets!
  • Homer Simpson's donut Double layer devil's food cakes with buttercream icing, covered in brown and pink fondant, with fondant sprinkles.
  • Santa cake Red velvet cake with buttercream icing, and topped with fondant.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas Red velvet cake with buttercream icing, covered with marshmallow fondant. All of the pictures are painted onto the fondant with...
  • Twilight series birthday cake This cake includes elements from all 4 Twilight books.
  • Twinkie birthday cake Yellow cake with buttercream icing and fondant covering and decorations.
  • Nintendo DS Cake Chocolate cake and chocolate icing, with gum paste and fondant Nintendo and accessories.
  • Harley Davidson themed anniversary cake White cake with buttercream icing and fondant decorations. The ultimate cake for a Harley lover!
  • Red Sox birthday cake Yellow cake with chocolate filling, butter cream icing and marshmallow fondant.
  • Breast cancer survivor cake White cake with strawberry filling,  butter cream icing, and marshmallow fondant.
  • Bobby Hill birthday cake Fondant covered cake with the likeness of Bobby Hill from "King of the Hill"
  • Goodnight Moon This cake is for a baby shower. There are scenes from the book around the sides.