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  • pink_flower_cupcakes.jpg Cheesecake flavored mini-cupcakes with strawberry cheesecake icing and chocolate shavings (aka Happy Birthday to me cupcakes)
  • 100_1586_Standard_e-mail_view.jpg Butter Rum Pecan cake, mocha icing on bottom and butter rum BC on top.
  • Simple Valentine's cupcakes Just something I whipped up for some little girls at church. Devil's food cupcakes and strawberry frosting
  • Turquoise and Chocolate 3-layer Kahlua cake with mocha icing.
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Cheese Made for Thanksgiving. Basic non-crusting cream cheese icing, 3 layers,  topped with white chocolate chips and toffee. It was a...
  • Rose thank you Kahlua cake, chocolate BC filling, BC icing
  • Sweet Afterlife This won first prize in the baking contest at work! Chocolate pumpkin cake with pumpkin cream cheese filling,chocolate buttercream icing,...
  • Baby blocks and teddy bear Babyblock cake with a teddy bear theme. Almond coconut cake with Bavarian cream filling. BC wtih fondant letters
  • Wedding Cake class buttercream frosting, royal icingflowers. Done for a wedding cake class
  • Circles Baby Shower Kahlua cake with dark chocolate ganache filling. Buttercream with fondant accents.
  • Alphabet Soup modeled after the Cocalo Alphabet Soup nursery set. Buttercream with cookie animals and fondant letters. White almond sour cream cake
  • animal cookies
  • Heavenly baby They asked me to match their invitation. Cake is Mexican Kahlua with dark chocolate ganache filling. Buttercream icing with fondant...
  • Birthday Ganache Mexican Kahlua cake with kahlua bc and dark chocolate ganache
  • Baby Bears sugar cookies with chocolate MMF and buttercream. My icing was a strange consistency which is why it looks lumpy. Does...
  • Flip flops Standard buttercream all the way. Done for a little girls' luau. They were a huge hit!
  • Christmas shapes Kahlua Gingerbread cookies with Kahlua frosting. I won a contest for "Most Festive" with these, and so yummy!
  • brownpink1.jpg Chocolate mocha buttercream and regular buttercream. I was just bored and decided to try a new chocolate BC recipe.
  • Wine cake Buttercream on cake, wine bottle made by cutting circles out of a sheet cake and sticking them together on a...
  • Luau Good shot of the side with the "grass hut" affect I was going for.
  • Luau cake Done in buttercream with graham crackers for the sand. The sides are done with a small star tip to resemble...
  • Easter 2 eggs in buttercream. Ignore the bunny-he's done in chocolate bread.
  • Bears cake Made for a Superbowl party with chocolate buttercream.
  • Teal and brown This was done as a "welcome" cake. Completely done in white and chocolate buttercream.
  • Easter Eggs Basketweave on the side. Eggs are done by cutting them out of a larger cake. Completely done in buttercream.

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