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  • Coach purse cake Red velvet Coach purse with fondant icing, I hand painted all the C's on the cake, took a long time....
  • Tiffany color theme Wedding Cake Fondany bow with bc icing for tiers.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas, covered in fondant accents.  My kids told me that he looks kind of scary, lol!  I hope the birthday...
  • Baby Shower Silver and blue themed baby shower cake
  • Georgia Tech football
  • Baby Pacifier Pacifier Cake, covered in fondant.  Strawberry cake and yellow cake with bc icing.
  • Spiderman Spiderman cake, yellow cake with buttercream icing
  • Lightning McQueen Yellow cake, sculpted and filled with buttercream, covered in fondant.
  • Texas Tech Logo Yellow cake, buttercream iced and airbrushed colors.
  • Spiderman 3 Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, this was a challenge since the icing is so soft.  This is a half...
  • Georgia Bulldog First sculpted cake, took me hours, but I enjoyed it.  Red velvet cake, about 5  or 6 1/4 sheets total
  • Tiered baby shower cake Fondant covered baby shower cake, strawberry, yellow and chocolate cake flavors.
  • Baby shower topsy turvey cake This was my first topsy turvy cake, very complicated to make, huge cake.  Chocolate, and yellow cake inside with buttercream...
  • Pregnant belly cake Sculpted yellow cake from sheet cakes, covered in fondant.
  • Martini glass with Vodka bottle Sculpted yello wcake, buttercream filling and fondant icing.  Glass stem is a wooden rod wrapped in fondant, and the glass...
  • Juicy Couture Handbag cake Yellow cake, with buttercream filling and fondant icing
  • baby carriage baby carriage made from red velvet cake, cream cheese filling and buttercream icing.  3 1/4 sheet cakes and 2 8"...
  • Minnie Mouse face Yellow cake minnie mouse, I used a 12" pan for the face and two 6" pans for ears, each about...
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • DJ Beat maker MPC 2500 Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, covered in fondant.  This one was a real challenge since the cream cheese...
  • teddy bear baby shower Two tiered, strawberry cake with buttercream icing and fondant bear
  • Pink fondant daisy cake strawberry cake covered in pink fondant and daisies
  • Don Perignon made this one for someone who works in club, of course they like to drink!
  • Eagle Carrot cake with cream cheese icing and buttercream Eagle.  I free-handed this design for a customer who really likes Eagles.
  • Elmo birthday Two tiered Elmo birthday, yellow cake with buttercream icing.
  • Super Why Cake Super Why, all chocolate cake with buttercream designs.
  • Peter Pan Peter Pan, all chocolate cake inside with buttercream icing
  • Tiffany shopping bag Cut two 1/4 sheet cakes into 3 parts and stacked and split all layers except one of the thirds.  Covered...
  • 2-tiered heart shaped This one was pretty simple, 8" and 12" heart-shaped traditional wedding cake, the roses were beautiful, but I must say...
  • Cut-out grad cake Grad cake for high school grad, cutout using 2-layer 1/4 sheet cake with buttercream icing
  • Square wedding cake This is a 4, 8, 12, and 16" square cake, all chocolate with buttercream icing and fondant ribbon.  The 8"...
  • Graduation Cake Georgia Southern
  • Graduation Clark University
  • Pirate-themed cupcakes
  • Coach purse Fondant covered and fondant accents.  This one took quite a while to make, but it didn't prove to be as...
  • Gift boxes Fondant icing, first time making the bow...not too bad, but I could use a little more practice
  • Traditional anniversary
  • Hannah Montana Guitar
  • Hello Kitty
  • Multi-cake wedding This is one of the largest cakes as far as servings, that I've had to due and since my oven...
  • Mexican theme Mexican themed cake, tacos, rice-n-beans, bowl, burritos and plate all made from gumpaste.
  • Michael Jordan cake Michael Jordan sillohette free-handed onto 1/4 sheet cake all buttercream icing
  • Hannah Montana guitar Guitar cake sculpted and iced in buttercream
  • Coach purse Okay, I might have mixed up the logos a bit, let's just call this a cross between Coach and Coogi!...
  • Dora cake
  • Cheerleading
  • Wrestling 1/4 sheet yellow cake with bc icing, this cake kit was extremely hard to find, guess wrestling isn't as big...
  • Baby bottle Stacked 2-9", 2-8",and 2-6" cakes all with yellow cake.  The nipple is molded from fondant.
  • tinkerbell 8" cut-out flower on top of 10" round cake with TInkerbell bank on top.  All bc icing
  • Elmo Elmo cakes for 1st birthday twins.  I originally set out to make the Elmo's standing, but I wasn't feeling too...
  • Argosy University graduation cake
  • anniversary cake
  • Poker table b-day red velvet cake
  • Chocolate brown and pink
  • Princess cake
  • Poker table groom's cake
  • Bratz cake marble cake, bc iced
  • Tiered B-day cake Buttercream iced sour cream vanilla cake and white chocolate cake
  • #1 B-day cake red velvet cake cut-out number
  • Peaches and cream Buttercream iced, white chocolate cake
  • Football cake
  • Spongebob cake
  • Tiffany box cake 6" square almond sc cake, fondant deco with b /c filling
  • Gucci bag Well, this is my first attempt at a print such as this one...I know there is definitely a better way...
  • Elmo 1st B-day Elmo with smash cake
  • oversized 3D apple cake fondant covered large apple cake with white cake and buttercream filling.