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  • Skeleton 3D cake carved then covered in fondant.  Airbrushed to make it look old.
  • Hello Kitty Stacked cake covered in butter cream and airbrushed.  Kitty head made out of rice krispy
  • Cinderella Round cakes carved and covered in fondant
  • Hook Line and Sinker Grooms cake for a man that likes to fish.
  • Multi-shaped  Luster Cakes made out of multi-shapes.  Covered in Fondant and airbrushed with Luster Dust.
  • Tea Time Tea cup is hand painted and made out of Gum Paste. The shower was given at our local Tea Shop....
  • Shoe Shop This Gingerbread creation was made for the local hospital to auction off.  The cake club that I am a member,...
  • Turtles A little boy really wanted a cake with the Ninja Turtles.  This cake is covered in butter cream and airbrushed....
  • Boxes This is a cake made to look like a stack of boxes.  It is fondant covered with a fondant bow...
  • Michael Jackson This cake was made for a birthday.  They really loved Michael.  You cannot see the glove very good.  It was...
  • Clothes Line Pole This cake is easy to make for both a boy or girl.  Just change color of clothes on the line....
  • Beer This cake is bigger than it looks.  I was made to feed 80 people.
  • Pirate Ship Ship is made out of cake carved then covered in butter cream and fondant.  The sails are made of rice...
  • Turkey This cake was carved and covered with butter cream.  Then airbrushed to look like a cooked Thanksgiving Turkey.  Even the...
  • Beach Butter Cream covered cake with hand painted chocolate shells.
  • Gingerbread Creation This was designed for a Local Hospital Auction.  The box is made out of gingerbread and the dog is made...
  • Carnival This cake was designed for a carnival themed birthday.
  • Armadillo Yes, this cake is red velvet.
  • Dora This cake was fun to make.
  • Wall-e 1/2 sheet cake covered in butter cream.  The images are cut out of fondant then airbrushed.
  • Mickey's Playhouse I made a board to support Mickey's head.  The cake is covered in butter cream.   So is the playhouse. I...
  • Baby in the Moon Fondant stripes with white buttercream clouds.  Fondant stars.  Gum paste Baby. Airbrushed luster dust.  I only use Crystal Colors on...
  • Black and White White buttercream with black cutouts.  Yellow Flowers
  • Baby Shower Buttercream with fondant flower cover.  Fondant bow and pacifier
  • Little Einstein Caterpillar Buttercream covered balls, then airbrushed.  Fondant eyes.
  • Geico Buttercream covered stacked cakes with Rice paper hand painted money and fondant eyes.
  • WWF Belt Buttercream/airbrushed belt with emblem done in fondant.
  • Vegas Birthday 2 Tiered Buttercream covered with gum paste cards, dice, etc.
  • Painted Shells This cake is iced with smooth buttercream.  The shells are painted chocolate.
  • Baseball074.jpg
  • Washington Redskins Helmet and Field. Helmet done in Fondant Painted Emblem/ Field done in Buttercream with Fondant accents.
  • Pirate Oval Buttercream Cake with Skelton Pirate made out of Fondant.
  • Armadillo Grooms Cake Armadillo
  • imgBaby_Cakecomp019.jpg

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