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  • leopard handbag
  • wedding cake white fondant covered wedding cake royal icing decorations with beautiful deep red roses
  • Pink rabbit a customer drew a picture of exactly how this cake should be, I did my best to follow the instructions!
  • Nikon Camera Carved, fondant covered and painted silver
  • two little bunnies my darling daughters birthday cake =carved and fondant covered
  • leopard print telephone a carved fondant covered cake with hand painted leopard print
  • Copy_2_of_hi_018.jpg for a smarties  lover!
  • Copy_2_of_hi_010.jpg sylvanian families- the beaver family!!!
  • gardening birthday cake for great grandma all edible except the flowers which were real daffodils! chocolate cake flowerpot covered in fondant and choc seed tray with...
  • DSCN1713.JPG a stacked cake for the arrival of my nephew harrison james, fondant covered and freehand fondant cutouts of baby clothes...
  • storm trooper from star wars a  chocolate cake, carved and covered in fondant with fondant accents
  • PICT0007.JPG another picture of my dinosaur
  • Star Wars Death Star spaceship and Imperial Destroyer spaceship!! A request from my darling son for his 8th birthday, I just copied the pictures on his lego kits!! Think...
  • Lilac 18th birthday cake a gift box for a music lover's 18th birthday
  • PICT0064.JPG A little mermaid on a rock with eye colour and hair to match the birthday girls who was turning 6...
  • pony_castle.JPG I had a request for a my little pony lilac castle for a litle girl turning 5 so this is...
  • golf bag I made this huge chocolate cake for a friend's husbands 50th birthday, she loved it and it was a total...
  • pirate ship A birthday cake for a friend's son's 6th birthday,I used a rectangular cake pan and built up the height by...
  • side view of lightning mcqueen
  • christmas cuties The bottom tier is belgian chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered with red fondant icing the top tier is...