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  • Thanksgiving Day  Cookies................ Thanksgiving Day Cookies
  • Stenciled cookies/fondant
  • Stencil From Designer Stencils Stencil from "Designer Stencils"
  • fall leaves large fall leaves
  • Mini cookies/Pineapples mini cookies/fondant
  • stenciled/Halloween cookies Halloween cookies/stenciled
  • yellow ducks/tray
  • Halloween cookies Ghosts/Pumpkin faces.....this is the 2nd time "The Partiologist" stole a cookie design from me. 1st flamenco dreses/sombraro and now my...
  • Crazy Skulls......... Crazy Skulls...!!!
  • wedding cookies wedding cookies
  • wedding cookies wedding cookies
  • mini cookies mini cookies
  • wedding cookies
  • baby shower
  • baby shower cookies
  • baby shower cookies
  • flamenco dresses I made these over 1 year ago..someone on Central & flickr took this design and  she is taking credit for...
  • theme/Spain original design made over 1 year ago...someone on central & flickr  liked my design shouldn't take all the credit...
  • purple octopus
  • girly stuff
  • stenciled wedding hearts/peach / white
  • Pink Valewntince Cookies...stenciles
  • stenciled valentine hearts
  • cookies
  • Steniled cookies
  • Stenciled cookies

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