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  • Ivory Falls Wasc with Ivory fondant, gumpaste roses in white, off white and ivory.  Cubic zirconia decorations and fibre optic light.
  • Ivory Falls WASC covered in Ivory fondant with cascading gumpaste roses in white, off white and ivory.  Cubic zirconia decorations and fiber...
  • Elegant vines I Loved making this cake!! Bride found this cake on line and asked that I replicate it.  I do not...
  • Cascading Callas Gumpaste calla lilies. Anniversary cake on the side
  • Horse love Made for a little girl who loves horses. Horse is made out of modeling chocolate
  • Sppring in Bloom White with choc hazelnut mousse, 65th birthday. The flowers are purple not blue.
  • Snowflake Dream WASC with cookies n' cream fillling.  Gumpaste snowflakes
  • Snowman Delight I made this for my grandma's 95th.  Thanks to __Martha__ for the inspiration.  I loved making this cake and am...
  • Simple Elegance
  • Heritage Barn This is a replica of an old barn that was on a neighboring farm growing up.  One of the family...
  • Optimus Prime head
  • funky splash of color This is my first topsy turvy cake.  I had a 6 year old who wanted a "funky" cake.  Confetti cake...
  • half century semi truck Semi truck took 12 hours to make, but I was very happy with the outcome.
  • Dirt bike fun
  • Iron Man
  • A day at the spa This was for a 10 year old.  She was having a spa party and really wanted something with make up...
  • Quilted blue and green
  • Round with Ivory Draping Brides theme was black, white and red.  Her dress was Ivory and so she wanted ivory draping.  Two tiers were...
  • black & white staggered Calla's and roses are gumpaste.  WASC with chocolate mousse.
  • White Calla Lilies Gumpaste Calla Lilies.  Marble with choc mousse
  • Butterfly flight hand painted buttercream.
  • Treasure Chest Buttercream covering marble cake and buttercream filling.  Details are modeling chocolate.
  • Pirate treasure Treasure chest and boat made from modelling chocolate. Gumpaste pirate. White cake with cinnamon/apple mousse filling
  • gold and burgundy graduation
  • Green and purple present
  • Hockey star
  • horses
  • Cars theme
  • golf
  • Seashells MMF covering cake dummies. Sugar coral and chocolate seashells with fondant starfish.
  • Twilight
  • Tinkerbell
  • brown and teal wedding cake Chocolate and marble tiers covered in chocolate MMF
  • Bats and pumkin Pumkin is banana cream with banana cream mousse and mmf  and bottom is amaretto with banana cream mousse buttercream icing....
  • Diego Amaretto with choc mousse.  I forgot to take a picture of it later when I had the ropes on the...
  • Tow Mater Tow mater made from rice krispies.  Cake is marble with coookies & cream mousse.tfl
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Hannah Montana
  • 50's theme/grease I want to  thank uschi1 and kimmisue2009 for the inspiration on this cake.  Marble with white choc mousse.  All mmf...
  • sewing This was made for a 75th birthday.  WASC with choc mousse
  • twilight I made this for my niece who is crazy about twilight series.  WASC with raspberry mousse.  Used several photos on...
  • Hannah Montana Cream cheese icing and MMF decorations
  • Hannah Montana
  • spiderman mmf spiderman
  • pokemon's  Torterra Torterra is made of rk and covered in mmf
  • blue and silver This is my first ever wedding cake.  The  best man designed the cake.  The bride was very happy with it.
  • 25th anniversary The couple had pink buterflies in there wedding and had yellow flowers so tried to recreate the day.  Hand painted...
  • present
  • Bratz doll
  • Bratz purse and doll All made of fondant.  My was it difficult making the bratz girl.  I tried 3 times before it looked right...
  • St patrick's clover
  • Hannah Montana This was my third Hannah this week-end.  Hope everyone enjoys and thanks so much to all cc users for there...
  • Hannah Montana Chocolate with chocolate mousse
  • Hannah Montana White cake with chocolate mousse filling.
  • Grand piano Lid made of gumpate.  Base is painted wood and tuners are tapioca painted because I didn't have any dragees
  • Barnyard Gumpaste animals.  Marble cake with chocolate mousse filling
  • Bumblebee Transformers Handmade transformer in gumpaste.
  • toilet paper I made this for a guys 40th birthday.  Thanks you to all cc users who made this and gave me...
  • Elmo and friends All gumpaste figures.  White cake with white chocolate ganache filling.  Thanks to all cc users for the inspiration for this...
  • backyardigan figures My first time making 3-d figures
  • Falling snowflakes
  • backyardigans I had so much fun making all of these characters.
  • Magician top hat
  • Hannah Montana
  • Racetrack
  • "Mack"  from the movie Cars Probably one of my biggest challenges.  My nephew wanted Mack since he had never seen one made. All pieces on...
  • Play-Doh cake Cutters are made of gumpaste
  • Pool Table Strawberry cake with chocolate mousse filling
  • IMG_3673.JPG my first fondant covered cake
  • dino world