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  • What I believe to be a Quinceanera
  • Leopars Print leopars print
  • Friendship Cake friendship cake
  • The Chipmunks Apparently I Only Took A Picture Of Them the chipmunks! apparently i only took a picture of them
  • 40th Anniversary For A Dance Studio 40th Anniversary for a dance studio
  • Img 0080jpg
  • Img 0059jpg
  • Smore Cake s'more cake
  • Mushroom Cupcakes Mushroom Cupcakes
  • Wallace and Gromit This is a non-edible cake...made purposely because of the time taken in class to decorate. But it is a celebration...
  • Happy Birthday Just a regular yellow cake with buttercream icing, made in calss.
  • PCI Black forest torte I made this black forest torte in my culinary school.
  • St. Patty Clover Cake This is a chocolate/cinnamon cake with buttercream icing.
  • Cuddly Bears I made these 2 out of gumpaste, but the dark brown one's arm came off, but i learned and attached...
  • Cookie Monster Birthday!!! For some reason, my sister wanted a cookie monster cake for her birthday this year. She is in her 20's....
  • Valentine Cake This is just a simple little Valentine's Day cake. It has a little bouqet of carnations on the top, and...
  • HIT 220 brownies These are actually brownies. We were having a potluck in my HIT (health information technology) class, and everyone had seen...
  • Daddy Birthday My family doesnt really like cake or frosting, so i made one that kinda looks like one you can find...
  • Un Wedding Cake A final cake for one of my classes. Its supposed to be a wedding cake, but no one was getting...
  • FGP Final It is the cake on the cover of the Wilton Fondant and Gumpast Book, just with me in it.
  • Aunt and me Birthday I made this for me and my Aunt's birthday.
  • Christmas wreath I made this for a party at my work. No one wanted to cut into, they thought it as to...
  • Birthday brownies This is really brownies that i made for my friends birthday. She loved it, it almost made her cry.
  • Sleeping Baby A baby shower cake i made for my cousin. It has a mixture of buttercreme and color flow.
  • Very first cake A nice little rainbow

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