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  •  Fondant Stamped Horse   This was an idea I had and wanted to play with. I stamped white fondant and then painted the rest brown. It looks kind of like leather.
  •  Painting Cake   I used some leftover stuff my Mom had to make this design. The paintbrushes, palette and coat are all fondant.
  •  Noah's Ark Cake  I made this cake for my first NC State Fair entry. I designed it myself and entered in the junior division, age 10-12. I got to try some...
  •  Mom And Dad's Anniversary Cake  This is my first non-class cake. I think it's my best cake so far and pretty good for a 12 year old. It is a chocolate cake with...
  •  Chani's Final Course 1 Cake   This is my last cake for class 1. The roses were hard to do. I love dots and I think they are going to be my signature item.
  •  Clown Cake   This is my clown cake from class.
  •  Sun And Moon Cake   This is my first decorated cake from Course 1. I am the youngest one in the class and I'm having a lot of fun.

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