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  • Hanna as always, Cake Central is my main source of inspiration when it comes to cake decorating. So, once again Thanks!white...
  • Turkey Cake! many thanks to my fellow cc?ers for inspiring me to make this cake! I took the cake to the Ronald...
  • cake balls ---peanut butter with chocolate cake and pretzels
  • turkey My first turkey cake!!! chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fondant
  • Spiderman Martha´s Vanilla Cake with buttercream icing. Spidey-FBCT--building fondant
  • Tacos my version of tacos!!!!!thanks to "lpino" for her advice and help
  • Rubix Birthday yellow/lemon cake with buttercream frostingfondant accentsMany thanks for the inspiration and help from  fellow bakers here at cc
  • In Memory of Gavin chocolate cake covered in fondant. Artwork done again by my husband. Last year I turned to cc for advice how...
  • This Cake Was Done For My Boss Who Lovingly Calls His Girl His Milchmadchen Long Story But A Cute Oneyellow Cake Covered In Fo This cake was done for my boss, who lovingly calls his girl his milchmädchen (Long Story!!!!!!!! but a cute one!)yellow...
  • Lion Birthday the customer gave me the pattern for this cake. Yellow cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents
  • Beach Wedding this was done for a young bride who wanted a beach themed party!chocolate cake with fondant accents. The bride and...
  • Celebrating 20 years chocolate cakebuttercream frosting and fondant decorations. The baseball hat(my first attempt) was made out rice krispies
  • Thanks for saving the hedge This was made for a co-worker. His way of saying thank you to the neighbors for helping save his hedge!all...
  • coach´s birthday choco cake with buttercream frosting and fondant cover
  • Auf Wiedersehen chocolate cake and gold cake covered in fondant! Slowly getting used to working with fondant and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My Boss! this was my first attempt at doing someone´s face. thanks to blackboxbakery for her tips!
  • Auf wiedersehen this cake was done for my boss who was leaving our dept. since it was christmas time I decided on...
  • pnk.jpg unfortunately not my best work, I had a finger bandaged and it was very hard to work!chocolate cake with buttercream...
  • a blue and gold birthday chocolate cake, saxophone is fbct
  • retirement
  • sailboat
  • Girl Birthday chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.This was a easy, fun cake to do!
  • black and red birthday cake This was my first attempt at adding fondant decorations to a buttercreamed cake! Many thanks to those in cc world...
  • Baseball Cupcake Cake My son plays baseball for the wizards here in Berlin. This ccc was for their team party this winter
  • JFK Friendship Center This cake was a donation for the kita fleamarket. The design is the logo of the center
  • Sarah´s First Communion Chocolate Cake with buttercream frosting. Chalice is a fbct

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