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  •  Hunters   My son ordered these for his classmates to celebrate his 8th birthday. :)
  •  Go Chiefs!   NFSC with Antonia 74 RI. I made these for my 7 year old's football team to celebrate their SUPERBOWL win!!!
  •  Baby Boy Assortment  Cookies for a baby shower to match the invitation. The colors were a blueish green and a brownish gray. The colors don't look exactly...
  •  Happy 2Nd Birthday!  NFSC with Antonia74 RI. I made these for my friend's granddaughter's 2nd birthday. I love the pink and orange together...so...
  •  Sports  NFSC with Antonia74 RI. Baseballs, soccer balls, and basketballs for a friend's baby naming ceremony. Some were suckers, others just...
  •  Coooookie!!!!!   NFSC with Antonia 74 RI. I LOVE these!!!! He's so darned cute!
  •  Go Seniors!   NFSC with Antonia74 RI. I made these for a senior soccer banquet as centerpieces/favors.
  •  Smile!   NFSC with Antonia74 RI.
  •  Bunnies   These are patterned after the CBD cookies with a mix of Yankeegal's version. NFSC with Anotnia 74RI.
  •  Easter Cookies   NFSC with Antonia 74RI. I was inspired by several ideas I found all over the place. :)
  •  50's Sock Hop!  Cookies I made for our parent volunteer luncheon at school this week. We are setting the room up like a 50's diner with hamburgers,...
  •  Sharks!   NFSC with Antonia 74 RI. I was going for a shark with scary teeth...but still smiling???
  •  Valentine's Assortment  NFSC with Antonia74 RI. The LOVE cookie is a take on Yankeegal's design. Thanks---your cookies are always beautiful! The other 3 are...

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