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  • fudge fudge cake with chocolate buttercream and fudge drizzle
  • Chris cake for a co-worker; chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream
  • oil company retirement chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
  • William ginger cookie with buttercream decorations
  • Diane strawberry margarita cake with vanilla buttercream; flower is made out of dipped strawberries
  • Billy everything had to be white except the writing
  • 75th birthday white cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Addison chocoalte cake with vanilla buttercream; fondant decorations
  • red roses white cake with vanilla buttercream
  • princess white cake with vanilla buttercream; sugar jewels & pearls
  • yellow daisies lemon cake with lemon buttercream; fondant flowers
  • flower power Fudge cake with vanilla buttercream
  • butterflies chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream; baby and decorations made with fondant
  • Baby girl chocolate-cola cake filled with chocolate buttercream and iced with French vanilla buttercream; decorations made with fondant
  • Katie's surprize shower chocolate cake with buttercream icing; decorations made from candy melts and store bought candies
  • 5th birthday french vanilla cake with buttercream icing; little Bill's wrecker had to be the same color as his Dad's
  • Diane's birthday Surprize birthday cake for my boss, her favorite holiday is Mardi Gras; fudge cake with buttercream icing, fondant Mardi Gras...
  • 40th anniversary surprize anniversary party for local business couple; champagne cake with buttercream icing, fondant pearls and gumpaste flowers
  • WIN Job Center Our local job placement center moved into a new building; almond cake with buttercream icing
  • male birthday I had about four hours to throw together this birthday cake; lemonade cake with buttercream icing.
  • pansies almond white cake with buttercream; gumpaste pansies and basic 5 petal flowers; marbled fondant cake board
  • roses, roses, roses almond white cake with hazelnut cream filling and ivory buttercream; 142 royal icing roses in three different sizes (i ordered...
  • MSU fan German chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling and chocolate buttercream, garnished with white and dark chocolate curls and fresh raspberries;...
  • peanut butter heaven peanut butter cake with milk chocolate buttercream, garnished with Reese's peanut butter cups
  • thank you cake civic leader was moving out of town; almond white cake with buttercream, gum paste fantasy flowers; my boss bent over...
  • Brittany chocolate chip cookie cake with buttercream decorations
  • pastoral ordination made for a young pastor after being ordained for the ministry; caramel cake with caramel flavored buttercream
  • 28th birthday strawberry margarita cake with tequila buttercream; made for a friend's husband
  • 2009 girl's graduation party rainbow cake with white buttercream; each cake slice had its own rosebud
  • red roses white cake with white buttercream; red silk roses
  • sunflowers white cake with white buttercream; gumpaste sunflowers
  • PICT0437.JPG chocolate cake with light and dark chocolate buttercream; groom's initials are monogramed on top
  • 60th birthday white cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Bosses' Day chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
  • group birthday cake for several coworkers
  • Miss Katie birthday for a dear friend
  • strawberry birthday cake for a coworker's daughter
  • puppy made for a dog lover's birthday
  • Jesus made for a Sunday school class Christmas party
  • July birthday made for a coworker; buttercream icing; name made with candy melts
  • spiderman made several of these over a short period of time
  • cheerleader made for a coworkers' daughter
  • 21st birthday my daughter's request for her 21st birthday, Pooh is her favorite childhood character
  • sweet peas petal shaped cake with buttercream icing and several hundred royal icing sweet peas in three shades of peach
  • second wedding made for my daughter's friends; white cake with white buttercream and fresh flowers
  • red roses white cake with white buttercream and fresh red roses (my first encounter with fresh flowers on a cake)
  • boy's baby carriage made for a Church baby shower; buttercream icing
  • Texas A&M graduation
  • 30th anniversary
  • 60 years of wedded bliss
  • Ginny's birthday strawberry marqarita cake, buttercream icing; made for a co-worker
  • eagle scout
  • girl's baby carriage
  • baby bib
  • Will's rattle for a friend's baby shower; buttercream icing
  • wedding_cc_resized.JPG Italian cream cake with buttercream icingand cream cheese pecan icing, roses are buttercream; for a second wedding for my employer's...
  • teri_cc_resized.JPG white cake with buttercream icing; made for a former coworker
  • tammy_cc_resized.JPG lemon cake with buttercream icing
  • rainbow cake each layer a different flavor, lemon, orange, and lime; made to kickoff spring and Easter; to date I've made three...
  • 80th birthday celebration white cake with buttercream icing; made for coworkers' mother's birthday
  • heart_cc_resized.JPG french vanilla cake with buttercream icing
  • Christmas mice marachino cherry dipped in chocolate with almond and candy accents sitting on an Oreo cookie
  • daffodils_cc_resized.JPG lemon cake with white buttercream; made for a coworkers' birthday
  • chocolate overload chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream; birthday cake made for a local businessman (he didn't want words on his cake)
  • daddy_cc_resized.JPG chocolate chip cookie, buttercream icing; made for a co-workers father's birhtday
  • deer_cc_resized.JPG buttercream icing, white cake; made this for a former employer
  • guitar_cc_sized.JPG

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