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  • 3D cake; christmas elf Vanilla cake covered with sugarpaste
  • Red robin
  • Little bird Made in sugarpaste
  • Ice surfing!
  • 50 Cm High Mailbox 50 cm high mailbox
  • Frog Fairy The Frog Is A 3d Cake With A Sugarpaste Fairy On His Back Frog fairy.The frog is a 3d cake with a sugarpaste fairy on his back!
  • Hamster Cake Hamster cake!
  • Steam punk owl Made this cake for the contest at Taart en Trends in the Netherlands. We came in second and got lots...
  • Care bears
  • Halloween witch
  • Ivory and lilac
  • White and pink
  • Little princess
  • Rapunzel
  • Fall
  • Blossom weddingcake Less is more ;-)
  • Jack Sparrow We made this birthday cake for a 5 year old Jack Sparrow fan!
  • Circus cupcakes This weekend i won silver with these circus cupcakes at the Holland Sugar Art Show :-) They are decorated with...
  • Christmas cat Made this 3d cake for our workshops.
  • Panda bear with baby Made out of sugarpaste.
  • Unicorn Cake decorated with sugarpaste
  • Mouse boot 3d cake decorated with sugarpaste.
  • Sweet little girl
  • Diaper bag A cake for our workshops, the bag is made out of cake and sugerpaste.
  • Bride and groom Made this 'real life' bride and groom out of sugarpaste.
  • Coffee Made this 'old' 3d coffee grinder for our workshops.
  • Birdcage Made this 3d birdcage for our workshops.
  • Mister bunny Made this 3d cake for our workshops.
  • Nuts about you
  • Dragon wizzard His dress is made out of cake. The jewels are made with sugar.
  • Cake jewelry
  • Sleepy!
  • Got treats? The cookie bowl is made out of 2 cakes stacked on each other, the head is also carved out of...
  • Baby boy
  • Baby blue cakepops With chocolate cake filling.
  • Christmas cakepops With chocolate cake filling!
  • Santa taking a bath The bath is made out of cake and covered with sugarpaste.
  • Penguin The penguin is also made out of cake and covered with sugarpaste!
  • Ice blue wedding cake Made this cake for a winter wedding. Filled with strawberry bavarois.
  • Funny animal snowglobe
  • Christmas snowglobe
  • Baby snowglobe cake
  • Frog snowglobe
  • Wedding snowglobe cake
  • Phineas and Ferb Made with marzipan en filled with strawberry.
  • Diamond digger Made this mole with my mom. It's made out of chocolate cake (the ground, the body and the head) with...
  • Laying easter eggs? Made out of lemoncake
  • Oh so sweet girl
  • Black, white and a little bit purple
  • Sweet bunny Filled with lemoncake
  • Snowman Lemoncake with lemon filling
  • Fifi With strawberry filling.
  • Thomas With chocolate filling.
  • christmas cakes Filled with cream and strawberry jelly, covered with sugarpaste.
  • Hello Kitty Filled with strawberry cheesecake and covered with sugarpaste.
  • Dog Made this with lemoncake and a lemon filling. It's covered with sugarpaste.
  • Hello Kitty
  • Squirle His head, body and the tree behind him are made out of cake.
  • Pirate boy Filled with strawberry cheese cake and coverd with marzipan.
  • christmas dog
  • autumn
  • Pink prinses
  • Kitchen
  • christmas
  • 3d halloween cat
  • Hello Kitty for Femke I made this cake today for Femke. It has her name on it and 1 year. (it's written in dutch)And...
  • Boxing baby birthday cake Can you make a birthday cake with boxing and a baby on it, it's for my boyfriends 29th birthday?? Uhhh....yes!This...
  • Spring christening cake Made this spring christening cake for a little girl named Jente. It's covered with sugarpaste.
  • Champagne bottle I made this cake for Sonnys 50th birthday. It's covered with sugarpaste and filled with mango and white chocolate!
  • Children's cake This cake is for Eva. For her birthday i made this cake with two dutch characters on it.
  • Romantic rose Romantic wedding cake covered with sugarpaste.
  • 3d Sponge bob I made this sponge bob for Osmans birthday. The cake is covered with sugarpaste.
  • Silver valentine Made this cake for my husband on valantines day. Filled with cherrys and chocolate mouse.

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