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  •  Sweet 16 Tiffany Cake   White cake with Lemon filling8 inch and 6 inch squareVanilla fondant with gum paste accents
  •  Meimaw's 80Th Birthday Cake   8 and 6 inch White cake rounds, filled with raspberry and buttercream filling.
  •  Mickey Mouse Cake   6 and 8 inch cake rounds. Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Filling.
  •  Victorian Farm House  My second Gingerbread House! It was for a contest at work, but only 2 people including myself entered. And there were 2 prizes so I guess I...
  •  The Elizabeth  I did this cake this past summer. I just recently got around to posting it. I took some time off from caking for a while but I am back and...
  •  My 30Th Birthday Cake
  •  Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Cake With Whipped White Chocolate Ganache   I have seen a few cakes like this and wanted to give it a try. I like the way it turned out :)
  •  My First Gingerbread House.   We are having a contest at work for the first time. I hope to win. I will find out tomorrow.
  •  Cassie   8 inch and 6 inch round with fresh flowers.
  •  Practice Cake  I made this for a Halloween Costume Contest at work. I went basically as myself (after hours). So I made this cake. I had a bad time with...
  •  25Th Anniversary Cake   8 inch and 6 inch cake rounds. Dark Chocolate cake with Strawberry Filling.
  •  Wedding Vow Renewal   Yellow WASC with Chocolate Buttercream frosting and filling. 8 and 6 inch rounds.
  •  Tetris Cake  Top 2 layers are Champagne Cake with Strawberry Filling the bottom layer is Chocolate Chambord Cake with Raspberry Filling. This cake took...