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  • Corset Cake!!
  • Burguer Cake!! All Cake!
  • Happy New Year 2011!!
  • Christmas!!
  • Zebra and flowers cake! Hand painted!
  • Buzz Lightyear!!! Hand painted!!!
  • Funny wedding cake! This cake was made with the couple on the beach, your pet and chairs that they use when traveling. It...
  • My Little Pony Cake Hand painted!
  • Golden Wedding Cake Hand painted. I use golden powder and alcohol to dilute it.
  • Pebbles!!! Hand  painted on fondant. All decoration from fondant. Painted with vegetable colours
  • Halloween Cake!! This cake was made for my son's birthday. All the decorations in fondant and extended details on glass. I really...
  • Sexy Witch!!! Hand painted on extended fondant All edible!!
  • Pink and Chocolate Cake!! Chocolate fondant and extended fondant.
  • Backyardigans!!! Hand modelin figurines. All edible
  • Baby Super Star!!! Hand modeling baby. All details and decoration from extended fondant
  • Animal Print and Stars Cake!! Animal print hand painted.
  • Orange roses!! Natural flowers! All decoration from extended fondant.
  • Cherries for you!!! All decoration from extended fondant!
  • Golden 15!!! All details from gumpaste. Gold color hand painted! Enjoy it!!
  • First Communion!!! White and Gold Details hand modeling from gumpaste The gold color hand painted
  • Ben 10!! Hand modeling from gumpaste
  • Doki Cake!!
  • First Communion!! The angel hand modeling from gumpaste
  • Little girl!! The baby girl  hand modeling from gumpaste
  • Red and Blue cake!! He loves those colors! All decoration from extended fondant!
  • First Communion Al decoration from extended fondant. Artificial flowers

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