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  • Angry Rocky fondant and buttercream
  • Gucci sneaker gum paste and fondant
  • Pumkins strawberry cake with buttercream icing and cover in MMF... thanks for the idea....
  • Super Hero's buttercream and fondant...thanks for the idea.... :-)
  • mickey mouse club house buttercream and fondant ....thanks for the idea....
  • Ms Diva buttercream icing and fondant crown
  • pink baby fondant and buttercream...
  • spiderman buttercream and fondant
  • Toy story 3 - jessie and bugeye fondant and buttercream..hand painted jessie and bugeye
  • Unicorn buttercream and fondant
  • Coach Bag home made fondant thanks for the recipe and buttercream...
  • Mixer gradu cake buttercream, fondant and choc
  • dora and friends
  • Graduation Cake pops red velet cake and milk choc... TFL
  • Dajah makeup cake fondant and buttercream.... TFL
  • LV shoe and bags Black and white birthday party... fondant and buttercream
  • beach theme Lady want a cake for her family get together
  • Half and Half football teams I did this for a customer she wanted both team on the cake
  • Cupcakes one large and many small cupcakes
  • Easterbasket Last min cake made for Easter
  • pink pump thanks for the ideal.....
  • Red and Black Rose wedding cake buttercream and fondant
  • 12th birthday Butter cream icing with yellow batter.. my daughter sign this cake for her birthday...
  • dora buttercream and fondant
  • winnie the pooh buttercream icing
  • princess and the frog buttercream and yellow batter
  • Purple Lady buttercream with fondant ribbon and flowers.... T.F.L.... :--)
  • birthday cake buttercream and fondant
  • Birthdsy cake butter cream and fondant
  • Note Pad yellow batter cake with buttercream icing
  • candy box
  • my heart
  • Heart to Heart yellow batter with fondant
  • musical note buttercream and fondant..... T.F.L.
  • tinker bell buttercream and fondant....T.F.L.  :-)
  • spiderman buttercream icing with an edblie picture i didnt with edbile chalk..."TFL"
  • Birthday cake for a halloween girl buttercream icing and choc icing with fondant pumkin
  • coach bag
  • sponge bob thanks for the ideal... :-)
  • Jersey for a 11 yr old boy buttercream and fondant
  • Pink Little Girl made with buttercream. picture edbile paper and fondant.. TFL
  • dolphin cake Made this one for my niece 23rd bday..fondant and buttercream with yellow batter.. TFL... :-)
  • LR - made for my niece fondant and buttercream....LFT
  • Wigget buttercream and edible paper the picture... TFL
  • Baby Girl
  • Rainbow cake Made out of buttercream and fondant....
  • wish come true
  • Baby Phat cake i made this cake for my niece 26 bday...thanks for ideal CC family...
  • RN_CAKE.jpg Cake was done for a co-working just finish nursing school...
  • cauli2.jpg TFL....
  • jpe2.JPG
  • wfv.JPG
  • blkberry.JPG
  • Quilt Did this for my sister for her birthday she love quilts... TFL
  • mother_to_be.JPG
  • bottle_cake.JPG
  • Dora1_1265560431.JPG
  • wawa_cake.jpg
  • elmo_cake_2.JPG
  • TFL
  • TFL
  • Birthday cake for a co-worker Got the idea from some one on the website... Thanks for the ideal she love it....TFL
  • hboss.jpg
  • TFL
  • TUFL
  • Puppy dog My great niece birthday cake
  • Cake   I did for my niece.
  • Red and Black Wedding cake
  • shower.jpg I did this cake for my brother-in-law sister for her first baby...thanks for look and the idea...
  • LV1.jpg
  • mikal1.jpg
  • National Holiday...:-)
  • AKA birthday cake
  • babycake.jpg I did this cake for my sister baby shower..It's a two tier cake w/bc and royal icing for the pins..thanks...
  • birthday.jpg
  • strawberry shortcake Cake done for a litle girl that turn five years old,,,,,
  • Purse cake
  • cupcake.jpg Did this cake for my 19year old niece....
  • cookies2.jpg Cookies was done for a shower..I enjoy doing them..
  • The color of sunshine
  • goodluck_cake.jpg
  • Little Baby Boy
  • LV briefcase
  • xbox
  • Stairway to Love
  • Spring Fling
  • LV_cake.jpg

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