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  •  St. Patty's Day Cakepop Baskets   I made these for work. They were gone in a few hours. Half were Double Fudge Chocolate, the other half were pistachio.
  •  Mother's Day Cakepops Bouquet  These were for my mother. Half were Devil's food, half were red velvet, her favorites. I placed them in a basket, individually wrapped...
  •  Colombia Birthday Cake  I did this for a friend of the family, who is from Colombia. He is very old fashioned, and I researched the Country, and the traditional...
  •  Christmas Cakepops  These are gingerbread flavored and Christmas peppermint flavored cakepops. They were flavored with their respective flavors inside, the...
  •  Easter Basket Surprise  This was an Easter Basket/Birthday cake for a friend at work. The eggs are peanut butter M&M's, and I made the fun flags with...
  •  Anniversary Cakepop Bouquet  This was for a dear family anniversary. This bouquet has six different flavors of pops: chocolate, cherry, white, yellow, pistachio, and...
  •  Graduation Cakepop Bouquet  This was for a girl at work. Her son was graduating junior high. The Hat and Tassles are using Bakerella's Idea, the cakepops are red...
  •  Wedding Cupcakes   These were for a friend's daughter's wedding. The colors were dark blue and goldenrod yellow.
  •  Crabby Patties And Popcorn Bags   My kids asked me for a carnival party this particular year, what better way to celebrate than fun cupcakes!!!!
  •  Twilight Birthday Cake For Child   This was requested by my 7 year old this year, who adores Twilight, and is on the 3rd book, Eclipse, when this Birthday cake was made.
  •  Castle Cake

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