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  • Maya Ann
  • Girlfriend Bdays
  • Abby is 14!
  • Alena Bowling Party Cake pins are sugar cookies :)
  • Dump Truck Ideas gotten from other CC posts-thanks!  Icing with fondant accents, oreo crumbs for dirt, fondant covered RCT for wheels.
  • Jayhawks so tough to make the bird!!!!
  • Wine Bday
  • Circus Cake
  • Cowgirl Cake
  • Giraffe Print Cake
  • Iowa Hawkeyes Cake
  • Steelers Super Bowl Cake
  • Cupcake 1st Bday Friend wanted this cake off a picture from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca for her daughter's first birthday party.  Fondant accents...
  • Paint Pottery Party Cake for paint your own pottery party, 8 in round with fondant accents and fondant covered cake shaped like mug,...
  • Puppy Party Puppy themed party with request for colors and pawprints.  Fondant accents.
  • Reece's Racetrack Cake Fondant accents and car
  • Terrible Two Idea inspired by cristyinmiami, was intended to be a triple set, but somehow my bottom Dracula cake buckled under the...
  • Mary Kay Birthday
  • Fire Engine Cake Buttercream base with fondant details/accents.  Thanks to ideas here on CC!
  • Butterfly Wedding Cake My first wedding cake!!  Thanks to misslottie for inspiration and help!  Silk butterflies, non-edible pearls as accents on buttercream icing.
  • Ella Rae Shower
  • Haleigh Bday Cake Request from friend for black, white and periwinkle cake with flowers and polka dots. MMF accents
  • Josie's Birthday Cake made to match invitation for summer bday party.
  • Happy Birthday Last minute bday cake made for friend's bday-inspiration gotten from CC ideas-thanks!
  • 60th Bday cake Surprise 60th bday party cake with brown and pink theme.  MMF accents-got a little carried away with the details!
  • Princess/Pirate Party Cake My friend's daughter had a princess/pirate party complete with costumes, so this cake was made to reflect both parts! Was...
  • Pool Party! Made cake to mimic invitation; all figures and shapes are MMF, pool water is writing icing gel.
  • Corn on the Cob Cupcakes Made for a going away picnic for family moving to Nebraska!  Idea from Hello, Cupcake! book.  Jelly Bellies, Starbursts, and...
  • Darby Tiger Cake 7 year old bday cake--fondant accents
  • Baby faces Cupcakes made to go along with baby face cake for baby shower.  Plastic pacifiers, mini M and M eyes
  • Tye-Dye Birthday Simple cake made to go with tye-dye birthday party theme...tye dyed MMF accents
  • Q marries U wedding cake My sister is a kindergarten teacher, and they have a wedding where Q marries U in order to teach the...
  • Abby's 12th Bday Volleyball cake with net-first attempt!  Fondant whistle and accents, colors to match team jersey
  • "Music of Your Life" Theme was Music of Your Life.  Piano cake with edible image happy birthday music; fondant keys, notes, and letters.
  • Molly's Bday Little 6 inch cake for small family bday.  Fondant accents-first trial with wire decorations.
  • Rock Star BDay Made for 5th birthday party with Rock Star Theme-frosing with fondant accents.  Thanks for ideas here on CC-esp Melody4me!
  • "Chaos" Soccer Team Cake Made for end of season soccer party. Fondant soccer ball and fondant accents on base.
  • Surprise! Over the Hill 50th Party Thanks to ideas here on CC!  Buttercream with MMF accents and fun to make!
  • Welcome Jonathan
  • Welcome Victoria Made to match invitations; buttercream with fondant accents.
  • Sleepover party cake My first attempt at making characters!  All fondant accents.  Thanks for ideas here on CC!
  • "Ryan" Engagement Party Mini cupcakes made for engagement party with colors to match wedding colors.  Dipped buttercream with fondant monograms.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine First attempt at Thomas cake; not as clean of an assembly as I would have liked, but he's recognizable to...
  • "Pink Socks" soccer party Made for little girls soccer party whose team name is "Pink Socks"!  A little trouble with the soccer ball "puzzle"...
  • Happy 40th! Made for neighbor's 40th cocktail party...had a few too many 0's, though, and looked like 400 in some spots!
  • Mummy Cake Made for fall festival at school thanks to ideas found on CC!
  • Frankenstein Cake Made for fall festival at school thanks to ideas here on CC!  This cake cracks me up!
  • Jungle Cake First attempt at fondant bow--DISASTER--too heavy-almost sank the ship!!  But, overall cake turned out fine for my friend's birthday.  Buttercream...
  • Watermelon Cake Made for end-of-summer picnic for my husband's work thanks to examples here on CC!
  • Eyeball Cake Made for Fall Festival at school thanks to ideas here on CC and then again for "Fear Factor" birthday party.
  • Stripes and Dots Idea from other cakes here on CC-thanks!  Made for 40th bday but forgot to take picture before adding candles...oops!
  • Volleyball Cake Buttercream with fondant lettering made for 14th birthday
  • Fun Birthday Cake
  • Pool Party Cake Made for 2 yr old pool party-idea gotten from other photos on this website--thanks!
  • Basketball Jersey Cake Made for a basketball player's 10th birthday party.
  • Owl Cupcakes Idea gotten from book Hello Cupcake!  Made for elementary school Fall Festival
  • Flower Cake Made for my little girl's birthday party with flower/garden theme.
  • Flower Birthday Cake Made for 40th birthday party--buttercream with MMF accents; still having some trouble stacking cakes!!
  • Bowling Party Cake Bowling ball cake and cupcake pins for my 8yr old's birthday party.
  • Baby Boy or Baby Girl? Shower Cakes Baby shower cakes made for unknown gender...
  • Garden Party Cake Made for garden party birthday-top view.  Placed in terra cotta "drip" holder (that usually goes under the base of the...
  • 65th Birthday Cake My first attempt at a 3 tiered cake--a little sloppy but successful!  Buttercream with MMF accents.