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  • Baby - girl Chocolate cake covered with buttercream and fondant made for the birth of a friends baby girl.
  • Guitar Chocolate cake covered with buttercream and fondant.  Hand painted print was the same as the flyer for this mothers group...
  • Superman logo White Chocolate mud cake covered with buttercream and fondant.
  • Pretty Present Chocolate cake covered and decorated with fondant..
  • Lightning McQueen Buttercream covered chocolate cake.
  • Yellowdragon Chocolate cake body and head covered in fondant.  Tail, feet and spikes all fondant.
  • Canon Camera 1000D Chocolate cake covered in black fondant and royal icing piping for details.
  • Pinata cake Chocolate cake with buttercream and lots of candy then covered with chocolate shell decorated with smarties and freckles!!
  • Red FOX logo on black fondant slab cake
  • Pink Octopus with green spots
  • Cookie monster and Oscar the Grouch Cake
  • Beautiful Butterfly - pink and purple
  • Yamaha Motorbike cake
  • Louis Vuitton Handbag cake
  • Thomas the Tank Engine 3D cake
  • Teapot Cake
  • Pink  and Yellow Swirl cupcakes
  • Blue and Pink 2 Tier with yellow trim
  • Classic pink
  • Pink Present cake!
  • 2-way Radio (CB)
  • Pastel Baby Blocks
  • Spider Cake This cake was for  a combined Engagement/Halloween party!!
  • Witch Cake
  • Monster Truck
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Wonder Woman
  • Pink cross for Christening
  • Senior formal Year 12 Gradution cake 4 tier
  • Yamaha Motorbike cake
  • Valentines day heart cake
  • Hearts on heart valentine's day cake
  • Baby Blocks blue and white Fondant covered chocolate cake with buttercream
  • Broncos (Football team) Sheild
  • Cowboys (football team) Shield
  • Mermaid
  • Holly Cupcakes Buttercream with fondant holly
  • Santa Face cake Buttercream and fondant
  • Teddy Bear cake
  • KTM Motorbike cake
  • Orange Present cake
  • Hot pink butterfly
  • Buttercream Butterfly rainbow swirl effect on butterflies wings and body
  • Rainbow swirl cupcakes
  • Pirate themed birthday cake
  • John Lennon birthday cake
  • Ben 10
  • Flower shaped floral cake
  • Pink fondant birthday present cake
  • Batman theme number 7
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Purple Microphone
  • Ipod Nano Green
  • Red and white Guitar
  • Music note birthday cake
  • XXXX beer bottle
  • Golf Ball
  • Dolphin Dolphin Buttercream
  • 3 tier blue multi colour trim
  • Pink, Purple and yellow butterfly Buttercream Butterfly
  • Purple present cake Purple covered chocolate cake with ribbons and stars made from fondant
  • Blue and White Blocks for baby shower White blocks with blue trim and decorations
  • Valentine's Day Red Cushion Heart Cake Red fondant covered heart chocolate cake adourned with silver cashous and pink and red fondant hearts!
  • Bob the Builder birthday cake Buttercream Bob the Builder chocolate cake
  • Choc on choc birthday cake Chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla icing and triple choc hearts on wire.
  • 14022009005.jpg Heart shaped chocolate cake with buttercream centre and covered in pink fondant. Decorated with chocolate  squiggles and red fondant hearts.
  • 3 Tier white wedding cake with blue and pink trim My first ever wedding cake!
  • Suitcase Suitcase for Farewell.....

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