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  • Rubber Ducky Cake
  • Puppy Cake and cupcakes Inspired by a Wilton cake
  • Dancer Cake
  • Baby Booty Rattles
  • Bridal Shower
  • Monkies and Polka Dots
  • Family Reuion The first cake is an italian cream with cream cheese icing and the family bible cake is chocolate!
  • Namaste My first fondant person! This was for a yoga studio's grand opening. Namaste...
  • Scroll work Just practicing scrolls using buttercream...
  • Pink Cookies I made these for my summer school students, for fun!
  • Cake Balls!!! I have made these many times before, especially before I knew they were so popular! But I have never made...
  • My First German Chocolate Cake
  • Girl Scout Summer Party
  • Dawn
  • Funky Monkeys This was made for a girl 's volleyball team called the "Funky Monkeys."
  • Octopus cake and smash cake
  • Bowling Ball and Pins The cake and cupcakes that never made it to the party... And they were VERY time consuming, but cute...
  • Brooke
  • Monkey Buisness I loved making these cupcakes! They were made for a baby shower at work.
  • Cami These were made for my niece's 2nd birthday. I am really proud of them!
  • Tristan This pirate ship was originally made with brown (chocolate) icing until my 3 year old nephew decided that he wanted...
  • Ryan Jumbo chocolate cupcakes with butter cream icing and gumballs. I had the hardest time trying to do cupcakes for a...
  • Landon's 1st Birthday Still working on straightening my cakes when stacking them. Suggestions welcomed. ..
  • Practice Cake Just practicing...
  • The Barn My 2nd Groom's Cake EVER!! And the third cake for the day! I am so proud! "Amazing Italian Cream" recipe...
  • First Groom's Cake