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  • fisherman retirement This cake was made for a coworker that was retiring. he happens to love fishing. It was made with mmf...
  • Black and white wedding cake (my first wedding cake) mmf wedding cake white with black trim and real red roses. My very first wedding cake. Yay, I finally did...
  • priority box Coworker from the post office was retiring and made this cake.
  • Soccer
  • Nemo
  • Guitar Hero
  • cake_005.jpg
  • Tom the Turkey
  • Gucci Cake My cousin said she wanted a Gucci cake.
  • halloween cupcakes
  • pumpkin
  • butterfly cake
  • psp
  • sunflower cupcakes
  • Package The first picture was smaller. This one is a little bigger and can see the details a little better
  • sunflower cupcakes
  • Package
  • Texas Coworker had a son who was moving to texas.
  • basket with fruit
  • beach themed birthday My daughter loves everything beach themed, so I made 3 cakes for her birthday that were beach themed. A sand...
  • Present
  • Stewie
  • suitcase My husband works in Customs so I made this Suitcase cake complete with passport.

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