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  • beyblade beyblade
  • Call of Duty Cake with fondant *Call of Duty Cake with fondant
  • basketball basketball cake
  • Teddy Bear for BABY SHOWER *Teddy Bear for BABY SHOWER
  • Galinha Pintadinha - Spotted Chicken *3 tier (10", 8" and 6"), vanilla, chocolate and straweberry cake. Covered in Buttercream icing with fondant for the details....
  • Basket of Fruits
  • Camaro I tried to make a 68 Camaro  for a friend of mine who was giving the cake to another person...
  • Cup Cakes with flowers Cup cakes with buttercream icing and the little flowers are fondant.
  • race track cake I made this cake for my 3 year old  son. He loves cars, but also loves Diego, Dora and Boots...
  • Soccer Field Soccer field for the groom`s cake.  The bride is Brazilian and the groom Italian, they both live in America.
  • Wedding cake My first wedding cake. I still have a lot to learn when dealing with fondant, I just get frustrated when...
  • Dragon Cake Used two 8" pan. cut one half in the middle to make the body and used the other half to...
  • Carrot Cake Carrot Cake with cheese cream icing. Baby carrots made out of fondant!!!
  • Happy birthday Frank Made this cake to donate to a hospice patient, I heard that he was very happy!!
  • 4 wheeler carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • Birthday cake I made this cake to practice for a wedding cake that I have to make in a couple of months....
  • March Madness
  • Teddy Bear Teddy Bear for a baby shower, everybody loved it!!
  • Baby Buggy Baby buggy for a baby shower.
  • Birthday cake Birthday cake for my cousin Diana, we call her DD. Just wanted to give her a cake. The stars are...
  • Baby Buggy inspired on boosqmom`s baby buggy!!
  • Husband`s cake I was just out of ideas for my husband`s cake this year, since we were going to celebrate it at...
  • Cinderella Cake My second doll cake, orange cake covered with butter cream icing, dress is fondant.
  • Zebra with pink Cake made for a special little girl who is turning 11 years old. Bottom tier is chocolate and top is...
  • Christmas Cake with candy cane I made this cake to donate to a Women`s Center in my town. Cake is yellow cake covered in butter...
  • Pillow and Purse My first time making a pillow and a purse... I am not really good with fondant, so, I used buttercream...
  • Brazilian flag Cake is pineapple cake with pineapple cream filling. Yummy!!! cake make for a friend of mine who is Brazilian.
  • American & Brazilian Flag This cake is for a Brazilian girl who dates an american boy, half chocolate with chocolate filling and half pineapple...
  • Book Cake I tried to make a book , but I was not very happy with the result...oh well, it was a...
  • Purple heart The cake is purple, but somehow,on the picture it shows blue. It was a cake made for a co-worker, she...
  • 80th birthday cake This is a very special cake that I made for one of my co-worker`s grandma.I used the 10 and 8...
  • 4th Annual Service Operations Picnic
  • Fish Cake This cake was made for a friend  of mine for good-bye party for one of her best friends.Yellow cake covered...
  • Pink and Purple Flowers Cake covered in bc icing, flower were made of royal icing, butterfly is fondant.
  • Anniversary Cake made for a couple for their first anniversary, bc icing.
  • Harley Davidson logo This cake was for a friend of mine who is crazy about his Harley. The cake is red velvet covered...
  • House Cake made for a friend of mine who is about to build his house
  • Basket of flowers orange cake, with b.c. icing, some of the flowers were made of royal icing.
  • Butterfly Cake I used two 9x13 cakes and cut them in the shape of a butterfly. Used b.c icing.
  • Barbie doll cake Strawberry cake with bc icing, details on the dress with fondant. This is my first attempt to make a doll...
  • Lightning McQueen from Cars This was another Lightning McQueen cake that I made for my friend`s son, the cake was marble cake covered w/...
  • Brazilian Car this is a cake I made for my son`s 2nd b-day. cake was lime flavor and I used b.c. icing.
  • Catamaran on the lake This cake was ordered for a 70th birthday. One half of the cake is yellow cake the other half is...
  • 124200778888818.JPG 3 D Teddy Bear Cake - orange cake covered with chocolate b.c. icing.
  • Football cake this is my first football cake, it was for a friend from work. I used the Wilton pan football. the...
  • Sweet 16 - My step daughter wanted a car for her 16th b-day, as a joke, I baked her a cake with a...
  • Flip Flop Cake Flip Flop Cake - pink and purple - butter cream icing - vanilla and almond flavor.
  • Basket of flowers this cake was made in one of my wilton classes, it was the first cake with flowers that I ever...
  • Chocolate cake with pink roses Chocolate cake, with chocolate b.cream icing and b.c. pink roses
  • Angel Cake This cake was made for a special baby that is in heaven.
  • Romantic Cake Valentine`s Day Cake
  • Snowman Cake Snowman Cake
  • Christmas Cake christimas cake
  • Sand dollar and starfish sand dollar and starfish cake
  • Lightning McQueen Car Lightning McQueen Car
  • BatMan Cake Batman Cake
  • Pool Table Cake Pool Take Cake
  • Round Wedding Cake Round wedding cake
  • Hockey Rink Hockey Rink cake
  • Slippers Slippers
  • Money bag Money Bag cake
  • Hello Kitty Purse Hello Kitty Purse
  • Autumn Cake Autumn Cake to celebrate my friend`s birthday
  • Basket of flowers - Purple and Yellow Birthday Cake for a special friend
  • Sponge Bob Sponge Bob cake
  • Sand dollar and starfish Sand dollar and starfish  cake for bridal shower.
  • Black Calalilies This cake was made for a bridal shower.

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