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  • Flowerpot My first fantasy flowers
  • Communion cake
  • Corpse bride wedding cake stracciatella,choko,citrone and vanilla cake
  • Ghost Ship Pirate ship
  • Pillow cake with sleeping baby
  • Micky Mouse Clubhouse micky Maus wunderhaus....the head is trüffelmasse (?) and the hpuse is nut with choklate chips cake
  • butterfly Barbie a butterfly barbie for a little girl.... a vanille cake with 4 colours....
  • hairdress 5th years
  • spongebob to a 30th birthday spongebob strawberry cake with fondant and icing figures
  • wedding cake rose wedding cake with fondant rosesVanille with mangocreme
  • kitty cat wedding its a cake from nuts and vanillecream...covered with fondant and icing...the bride is a nurse then the wish was a...
  • Michael jackson King of Pop A vanille cake with choklatecreme, covered with fondant and decorated with icing....
  • 25th wedding day choclate chips cake with amarettofondant
  • schalke 04
  • Pump
  • Citroen Ds
  • Elvis Nuts cake with choclatetransfer
  • Snow cat kittycat My first cat with fondant....inside buttervanille cake
  • Porsche  Carrera Birthday cake for my neighbour, its a choclatecake with choclate buttercream and black fondant.This was 8 hours hard work ;-)
  • Birthday cake Soccer Birthday cake with fondant, inside choclatechips cake.he plays soccer in a team all boys are 6-7 years old.The cake was...
  • Easter Topper my first fondant sugar egg, with fondant rabbits and royal icing decoration.
  • babyshower for a boy
  • Its Dino time 3h birthdayt This are 2 cakes for my sons 3th birthday dino with fondant
  • Wizard picture 2
  • Wizard from Debbie Brown This is the Wizard from Debbie Browns Book.Its all with fondant littel mice was terriblesorry for my englisch ;-)
  • 30th wedding day little cake for my parents 30th wedding day with marzipan in red,icing flowers and fondantpearls
  • John Wayne Choclate Cake with marzipan creme and  pistachio marzipanJohn Wayne is choclate transfer and 2 little cowboy hats from fondantBirthday cake...
  • first cake with 2 jears this is the first decorade  cake from my son ian 2 years oldchokladecake with chocladecream
  • Valentines Heart with the king of my heart My first cake with choclate picture from my husband ;-)
  • little sun the sun is for kids from churchday .Thema from churchday was: The sun love all kids.
  • Little miss Butterfly Birthday cake for a 2 years old girl. The roof is wirh chocolade in pink, the house with marshmallow fondant.
  • Dragon Castle Birthday cake for a little boy with a big heart.He is very ill but he love big dragons
  • Snow Queen Christmas Cake with fondant
  • Elves  Christmas 3 cupcakes all with fondant.
  • Lighthouse Birthday Cake my first high cake
  • Christmas with Shaun the Sheep Shaun and Timmy is all fondant
  • Book with the christmas story all figures are fondant
  • Shaun the Sheep Shaun the sheep and timmy baby sheep, its all fondantthanks for looking, sorry for my english
  • baby buggy cake for baptism
  • Halloween Wedding cake Corpse bride topper on other 6th wedding day.Cake with blue and grey cakecream.Marzipan roses and borders and fondant paravant with...
  • Halloween Kitty Pumpkin with littel Witch all Fondantthanks for viewing and sorry for my english
  • Cookie Monster  Sesame street Cookie Monster with Buttercream.The  Cake for my little sons first birthday.
  • baptism cake
  • Fruit basket Fruit basket from Fondant, the fruits are from marzipan
  • Butterflycake Tauftorte  baptizm Cake from Fondant and chocolate too my 2jears old godchild (?)Sorry for my english
  • Indian Drum Totem Pole Tipi A choclatecake for GRANDPA s birthday.He loved Indians.
  • My first Converse Chucks
  • Rabbit or Bunny
  • a little snake
  • Babyshoes my first babyshoes for a baptism
  • wedding topper my first littel wedding cake
  • welcome baby
  • Owl A littel birthday cake with fondant
  • Indian Tipi my first cake with fondant
  • My first Barbiecake

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