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  •  Child's Firetruck Birthday Cake  First of all I would like to thank everyone to lent to the inspiration behind this cake. I got the idea from cakes that I found here. The...
  •  Small Whimsy Cake   A small whimsy cake I did for a 30th birthday. My first attempt at a whimsy cake. I learned a lot from trying this.
  •  Vintage Record Player   I did this for a friend who is a DJ. He is into everything retro.
  •  Dscf8950.jpg  This is another one done for a friend. He wanted it gorey. This was the first time I ever used a round pan. Covering with fondant was quite...
  •  1St Birthday Cake   This is a cake that I did for a client's daughter's first birthday.
  •  Pirate Cake  I made this for a friend who was having a pirate party. All figures are in gumapaste. The cake itself was a yellow cake soaked in a rum...
  •  Incredible Hulk   This is the first cake that I did for a client. It is in buttercream, and I used candy clay and fondant for the decorations.
  •  Ohio State Buckeyes Birthday Cake  I did this cake for a friend of mine who is an Ohio State fanatic.I had some problems with the fondant, and I tried to paint the bottom...
  •  First Tiered Cake   This is the first tiered cake I make for my wilton 3 class
  •  Wilton Gift Cake   This is the first fondant cake I made in my wilton course 3.
  •  Jack's Big Music Show.  This is a cake I did for my son's first birthday. It was the first time I had ever done anything with gumpaste let alone making models...