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  • Gravity defying cat cake I made this gravity defying cake for a competition in The Netherlands. It's made of real cake. It's a samba...
  • Welcome Holland Welcome cake Holland
  • Made This Cake For The New Diet Book Of Sonja Bakker Made this cake for the new diet book of Sonja Bakker
  • Followed The One Stroke Painting On Cake Workshop From Nancy De Vries Followed the one stroke painting on cake workshop from Nancy de Vries.
  • Cake Hand Painted With Illustrations Of Tracy Van De Ven Cake hand painted with illustrations of Tracy van de Ven.
  • Jake the Pirate Jake the Pirate cake for Tyler. All figurines are made by hand out of fondant.
  • Pirate
  • 00000a Pregnant Cake Boy
  • 01c Wedding Figurines
  • Romero Britto Cake I made this Romero Britto Cake for the Holland Sugar Art Show. It is handpainted with edable dust. I won...
  • Owl cookies Owl couple getting married. I made these cookies during a workshop from Brenda Bakker in the Netherlands.
  • Teapot and cups Teapot and cups from fondant. I followed a workshop from Bianca Jenema-Dorenbos, was great!!
  • Pregnant during Christmas My sister is pregnant, so I made this cake for her for 2011 Christmas.
  • Baby all stars Baby all stars
  • Swirly I learnt how to make this Swirly from Karen Anne, The Netherlands. Great workshop!!
  • cakepops with sugar cakepops, first try
  • Painted cupido Painted cupido
  • Romero Britto In June I was on holiday in Orlando and I saw work of Romero Britto. I loved it, and I...
  • Dream castle I made this dream castle during a workshop from Wendy in The Netherlands
  • dragon I made this dragons during a workshop of Wendy, The Netherlands.
  • Roses and fountain Roses in all kind of colors, fountain with couple and dog
  • Cookies Baby Next year I will be an auntie!!! I made this cookies for my sister.
  • Pink cupcakes Pink cupcakes
  • Cosmos, lily and pearl of strings I followed a workshop from Alan Dunn. We made cosmos, lily and pearl of strings
  • Prince and Princess I made this one for a competition in The Netherlands. It represents the prince and princess of Holland, Maxima and...
  • New home New home
  • In bath In bath, birthday girl turns 70
  • House I followed a workshop from Annelies van Tessel, The Netherlands. We learned to make an antique house of sugar.
  • Girl in car Girl in car
  • Toy story Toy story cake
  • Mum to be Mum to be
  • Bride in purple workshop Lorraine McKay I made this purple bride during a workshop from Lorraine McKay in Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Mermaid workshop Lorraine McKay I followed a workshop from Lorraine McKay, and it was great! We made this mermaid.
  • Peony and rose Pink peony and ivory rose
  • Santa in bath Santa Claus in bath. I made this cake during a workshop of "Het Bonte Taartje" in The Netherlands.
  • Pinguins in the snow 3D Pinguins in the snow.
  • Monkeys During a workshop of Wendy (freubelmuisje) I made these two apes (design by Wendy).
  • Sleeping Dragon from Debbie Brown Sleeping Dragon from Debbie Brown book
  • Christmas cat on pillow I made this christmas cat cake for a Dutch magazine about cats called Majesteit.
  • Topsy turvy purple Purple topsy turvy cake with girl on it and butterflies
  • Back to school Birthday girl is going to school for the first time. She likes Minnie Mouse and princesses. I made the figures...
  • Bride and Groom in car This bride and groom in a car are a design of Annelies van Tessel. I followed a workshop, and it...
  • Magical owl Magical owl made out of cake
  • Pink and black buttons Pink and black buttons
  • cake cookies Cake cookies
  • Giraf, Converse and Crocs I made the girafs the same as on the card
  • Hello Kitty cupcake Hello Kitty cupcake
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty fondant
  • Superheroes Superhero and girlfriend
  • Tom cookie Tom cookie
  • Bart Simpson Cookie Bart Simpson cookie
  • Cartoon Diva Cat and Bird 3D Cartoon Diva Cat and Bird in cage
  • Yoda Yoda from Star Wars
  • Black and white silhouettes Black and white silhouettes made with cricut
  • star wars Star wars cake
  • Tinkerbell Tinkerbell
  • Marvel super heroes Batman, Superman, Spiderman logo
  • Red mask Red mask
  • Eyepet Eyepet
  • Pea and calla lily's Pea and calla lily's
  • Poinsettia Poinsettia
  • Sesame street Sesame street
  • Bob the Builder and Pilchard Bob the Builder and Pilchard (handmade)
  • Flower Flower
  • Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Scooby Doo in his Mystery Machine
  • Birthday boy
  • Baby shower
  • Pink Panther, Donald and Mickey Pink Panther, Donald and Mickey
  • 80 years old Birthday cake for my aunt. 80 years
  • Bird baby Bird baby
  • Beer Heineken Beer Heineken
  • Cheese and mouses Cheese and mouses
  • bride and groom bride and groom
  • Bratz Petz Bratz Petz
  • Bratz Petz Bratz Petz
  • Dr Who Dr Who
  • Roses purple Roses purple
  • Snowwhite Snowwhite
  • Purple shoe Purple shoe
  • Cows Cows
  • Princess shoes Princess shoes
  • Kermit and Miss Piggy Kermit and MIss Piggy
  • Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry
  • Pregnant hairstylists Pregnant hairstylists
  • Spongebob Spongebob
  • Baby shower Baby shower
  • Bert and Ernie Bert and Ernie birthday cake

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