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  • Sharon's jungle camera phone sorry
  • baby lauren
  • wild thing
  • neon birthday
  • Brit's sweet 16 my daughter's 16th Birthday
  • gold
  • boo 3 six inch rounds small pyrex bowl rct feet mmf
  • Katherine's garden
  • teal brown 5 tier my 2nd wedding cake
  • Firefighter my hubby made the cutter for the flames and the hat is rct covered in mmf tfl
  • Bayden's bat 1/2 sheet staked cover ion mmf baseballs are fbct tfl
  • double b-day bc and mmf accents
  • Serena Rocks my daughters 11th b-day cake carved BC and MMF accents
  • lime wreck 11 1/2  in round FBCT lime cake
  • volcano
  • molly's flower
  • 101_1410.jpg hello kitty
  • Brandy's
  • Lennon cake lady wanted a cake that had muiscal notes,Hello Kitty,Nirvana,graduation,hearts,bright neon,and John Lennon's Imagin.around the cake it says"YOU MAY SAY THAT...
  • long wedding was my first wedding cake
  • old bird got this idea from cafe mom loved it ball pan and 9 inch square mmf and bc
  • k grad 13x9 mmf 2 layer 1/2 yellow 1/2 choc
  • hunter's hill cream cheese frosting red velvet gum paste crosses
  • Zebra Peace peace sighn carved into 12 inch round bc and mmf
  • 101_1274.jpg sheet caked carved to make books mmf the cap is cake bakes  in small  pyrex bowl
  • Raeanna's pig this was my daughter's smash cake got the idea from all these little pigs on CC ball pan and mmf...