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  •  1St Birthday Cake   cake done to match party favors for 1st birthday. fondant accents on fondant.
  •  Flower Basket   flower basket done in brown fondant. Flowers are fresh
  •  Hollywood Birthday Cake   cake covered in buttercream with fondant red carpet. The movie camera was a rice crispy treat covered in fondant.
  •  Yarn Cake   The cake was wrapped in fondant for basket. The yarn balls were rice crispy and the yarn was done with a pasta maker.
  •  Baby Cake   This was cake designed to match the baby's shirt (bris cake). Covered fondant
  •  Sugar Wine Bottle Cake  Double Choc cake with peanut butter filling. Box is painted fondant, straw is chocolate modeling paste, and bottle is sugar. Label is...
  •  Casino Birthday Cake  This cake is chocolate cheesecake swirl with white chocolate bc covered in white fondant. The cards and poker chips are white chocolate...
  •  Baptism Cross Cake   This cake is almond pound cake with raspberry buttecream. It is decorated with bc and fresh flowers.
  •  Chesapeake Bay Fishing Boat  This is a white cake covered in fondant. I created the lines that looked like wood slats by cutting lines then dusting with luster powder....
  •  Aurora Cake  This cake was done for a young girls birthday. Aurora sits atop a 1/2 sheet decorate with pink flowers. She is fondant covered, with the...
  •  Soda Can   This is 14 layers of chocolate cake wrapped in fondant and painted with sliver dust mixed with vodka.
  •  Embossed Chocolate Wedding Cake   This cake was for my dad. It is hard to see in the picture but each layer is wrapped in embossed white chocolate. I used 13 dozen roses.
  •  Reflection Cake  This cake was done for our head of school who was moving on. It reflects his passion, interests. The blue heron is the school mascot. It is...