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  • Friendship cake I made this for one of my close friends, it's choc. cake w/ BC icing & deco.
  • bright butterflies birthday 3-tier w/ BC icing, all deco is choc. candy melts.
  • simple square wedding cake BC icing, sugar flowers, ribbons & pearls
  • happy 13th square, petal, & round shaped cakes, BC icing with fondant decos.
  • 4-wheelin This was a really fun cake to do. French vanilla cake, all BC deco, the pine trees (that you cant...
  • Camo girls birthday all fondant decorations.
  • twilight saga birthday all fondant decorations
  • 3-tier my lil pony this is buttercream icing, her name & presents were choc. melts, the rest was fondant decorations, and she loved it....
  • twilight this was my first twilight cake, it turned out pretty good, bottom tier is choc, top 2 tiers are french...
  • robber duckie baby shower the duck & top is strawberry, bottom is choc. fudge, & french vanilla. All buttercream icing, with melted choc. decorations....
  • 30th pregnant birthday strawberry cake, creamcheese icing, fondant decorations, and brown sugar sand.
  • dora the explorer 1/2 choc. 1/2 french vanilla, all buttercream icing...this was first attempt at freehanding. she loved it!
  • Coalminer Birthday 1/2 choc. 1/2 french vanilla, buttercream icing, fondant deco.
  • ford fathers day choc. cake, choc icing.
  • Beechnut Fathers Day Cake Yellow Cake, buttercream icing covered in coconut. I made this for my daddy, and he thought it was hilarious.
  • Coonhunters Father's Day I made this for my husband, it was a 3-layer choc. (bottom) 2-layer french vanilla (top) cake, buttercream icing, fondant...
  • girlie girl 1/2 choc & 1/2 french vanilla cake w/buttercream icing
  • coon huntin french vanilla cake, buttercream icing, gumpaste racoon, and ice cream cone tree...
  • High School Musical I made this one for my daughters 9th birthday. It's a 3 tier (Strawberry, French Vanilla, & Choc.) Buttercream icing,...
  • graduation choc. & white cake, with buttercream icing, and fondant decorations. it was a quick job, but ok i guess.
  • odd shaped grad cake i made this for my cousins graduation. i was very pleased with the outcome and she loved it!!! it was...
  • log cabin 100% edible...the cabin is choc. dipped graham cracker roof, and choc dipped pretzel stick logs. the rock were choc. skittels....
  • mixed shapes wedding cake this was a spare of the moment cake for one of my friends...but it turned out ok i guess!1/2 choc....
  • Off-Set Square Wedding Cake White cake , buttercreme icing
  • Monster Trucks 1/2 choc n 1/2 white w/buttercreme icing....my son loved it!!!!
  • Best Friends choc. cake with creamcheese icing...my best friend loved it!!!
  • Bow Hunter Sleeping Hunter, this 1/2 choc. n 1/2 white with buttercreme icing...really fun cake to do
  • Thomas the Tank Engine This was a triple choc fudge, with BC icing, the balloons and presents were melted/molded choc. I made this for...
  • Deer hunters dream it's a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I made this for my father-in-law, it was fun to do.
  • Coon Hunting Cake This was a request from my 10 yr. old son, (his Redtick Brutus, treeing a coon). It was fun to...
  • Sponge Bob jumping out of the cake. Really fun cake!
  • Care Bears
  • Elmo This was a great cake to do. I made it for my baby's first Birthday.
  • Hannah Electric Guitar Another BIG HIT with the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • First Wedding Cake This was my first 3-tier wedding cake.
  • Scooby Half choc. and half white, book cake.
  • 3-Tier Birthday Cake I made this cake for my Daddy's 89th Birthday.
  • HANNAH MONTANA A BIG hit with the girls!!!!
  • Tinker Bell Very easy.
  • scooby I had alot of fun with this one.
  • IM000030.JPG This is a quick one too, but it turned out ok.
  • Fishing/Camping This was a really fun cake. The people are circus peanuts!!! He loved it.
  • pool party This cake is completely edible, except for the slide ladder. I made it for my best friend.
  • WWE This was a quick job. But they loved it.
  • Poker Table The cards are graham crackers dipped in white choc., and the chips are made of fondant. The HAPPY BIRTHDAY is...
  • Football Field This cake is completely edible. Te players are Teddy Grahams, and the score boards are Graham Crackers, dipped in white...
  • Go Diego Go My little boy's 5th Brthday cake.
  • Tinker Bell I made this cake for my daughter's 8th Birthday.
  • Basket Weave Wedding Cake This is a 4 tier wedding cake, that I made as a gift for my sister-in-law.

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