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  • Scottish bride & groom I just love this little groom with his cute shoes (have no idea what they are called), his kilt &...
  • Bride & groom with marriage certificate
  • Donkey Kong & Princess Peach I had just finished making this wedding cake topper for a couple of computer game nerds, LOL.  The bride found...
  • Pilot & Nurse Wedding Cake Topper I miss posting photos of my work because I now make my figurines from Fimo & not gum paste (which...
  • Bride & Groom in Boat
  • bride & groom
  • Extended Family It's soooo funny the bride marrying into this family has written into their marriage vows that her H2B must love...
  • Bride & Groom in a plane I had lots of fun making my first plane (NOT!) I think the second time I make this will be...
  • Police Couple In 4WD Jeep
  • Gothic Bride & Groom I just loved making this couple. They are the sweetest couple. In real life this couple carry a vial of...
  • Sitting groom & bride with quilted dress It took me a couple of goes to get this dress right! Thankfully the bride loved the end result!
  • 2 fluffy puppies These fulffy dogs were a real challenge. I was ready to squish them by the time I added all the...
  • Mad Fisherman The bride & groom are in a sugar dough tinny boat fishing. All edible except the diamantes in the necklace...
  • Christening, Baby Girl This cake top looks great on a cake that resembles a pile of nappies. Although this topper doesn't show it,...
  • Green car No.2
  • Police man & his sexy bride A cute man in uniform, what a lucky bride!
  • Bride + Groom + 2 Flower Girls The figurines are made from sugar dough. The skirts are fabric over sugar dough. These are my first flower girls,...
  • Sweet Angel Rebecca
  • 3 Gorgeous Triplets On their 21st Birthday
  • Don't even think about it
  • Come & get me
  • Bride in red dress Made from sugar dough
  • Blonde bride with orchids All made from sugar dough
  • Bride & Groom There is fabric over the top of the skirt on the bride. The couple are made from sugar dough.
  • Green Car
  • Kissing Dolphins These dolphins & shells are made from sugar dough. The "sand" on the base is gelatine.
  • Gone fishing This couple & boat is made from sugar dough.
  • Sarah, Jason, Gus & Max