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  •  Sue's Wedding Cake   She wanted LOTS of roses, she got what she wanted!!
  •  Green Bay Football   Wilton football pan x2 to make 3D then added Green Bay Packers logo
  •  Kacie's Frog Cake   1/4 sheet with FBCT frog and vine/leaf border. I am very pleased with houw the border came out.
  •  50Th Birthday Fbct   This was done for a 50th birthday(obviously). I got the image from microsoft clip art.
  •  Smash Cake Car  This was a 8 inch round that I cut in half and put together and then sculpted down to resemble a car. I had a lot of fun doing this. I'...
  •  Purple & Black Wedding Cake   This was my first wedding cake. It was for a renaissance(?)/pirate themed wedding(long story there).
  •  Evans-Greer Wedding   My first "real" paid wedding cake, I learned a lot from this!!
  •  Chiefs Football Cake   I did this cake for my sister's birthday
  •  Spongebob Square Pants   This was a 1/4 sheet that I did for a co-workers' sister's birthday.

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