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  • Marie Antoinette inspired by Mr. Peabody and Sherman :)
  • Ursula the Sea Witch made for a German Cake Contest   Do you like my Sea Witch i made this Cake for a German Cake Contest at the Cake Cologne. Everything...
  • Birthday cake for Twins which love making Music  Celebrate Josh & Jonathan
  • Storm Strooper Wedding Cake This Wedding Cake was a great challange for me but i think it works :)
  • Simple elegant wedding Cake lilac Orchids Classic Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cake with Coffee Beans and Fantasy Flowers This Wedding Cake was for an Coffee Artist called Barista :)
  • Wedding Cake Divers This Wedding Cake is very Special, the whole Family incl. the dogs has to be on the Cake...this was not...
  • Wedding Cake for a Farmer I Love doing character Cakes :)
  • Maritim Wedding Cake The Groom is Captain on a ship and so the Wedding Cake?s Theme is  maritime.
  • Action Wedding Cake with...a special Bride and green Groom ...you know them right? :O) I really enjoyed doing this cake of cours
  • Heart Wedding Cake with a little gumpaste Wedding Couple ;O)
  • Mensch ?rgere dich nicht This Cake was for an old women who plays every week with her 3 friends this game, since 25 years...
  • Leo Style Birthday Cake
  • A Magic Birthday little Rabbit in the hat :O) congratulates
  • Wedding Cake with Cornflower, Roses and Dahlia hope you enjoy the Cake
  • Lila Wedding Cake with black Roses Gothic Wedding Cake Style i loved doing this Cake :O)
  • Tulip Wedding Cake Spring is coming soon in Germany :)
  • Buddha ...made from Gumpaste...it was a Present for a Spiritual Woman
  • Lion Cake for a Cake Contest in Germany With this "little" Lion I won a Gold Medal in the Novelty Cake Category, at the first Cake Show in...
  • Wedding Cake with Peonys and Roses
  • Little Present Cake
  • Seidla Cake german beer served in a stone jug for a grandpa who loves this beer :o)
  • Its for an Artist
  • Island Cake its a Wedding Present for good friends,they wanted their marriage on an Island.
  • White Orchid i simply love this Flowers ;o)
  • Mafia Cake yes i know you can´t play music with this... but its for sicilian Music ;o)
  • Mirror Carp Cake
  • Black wedding cake its just a dummy but i hope you enjoy it ;o)
  • A Book for a Crime Fan she loves reading Crime storys and had about 2000 Books at home...
  • Wedding Cake with Lilly
  • Sugar Flower Top for a wedding Cake...
  • Bike Helmet Cake i dont´t know if it´s the right word for the Cake but i hope you´ll enjoy it... ;o)
  • Princess Cake ...for Helena it looks small on the picture but it was high like a water bottle ;o)
  • Rainbow with animals for Giorgia
  • Little Girls Teddy
  • Sleeping princess
  • Butterfly Cake for a little Girl the MainThing was MUCH Glitter please :o)
  • Preserved Cucumbers For a Grandma who loves making preserved Cucumbers from her own garden...;o)
  • Cat brings the birthday cake
  • Little Tractor for Sebastian
  • Mandoline Player
  • Fire Brigade Man in Love
  • Foto Camera
  • VW Bus with Wedding Couple and Baby
  • Turtle Cake you can see i´m not a Professional with the airbrush but i Try hard ;o)
  • Eggs for a wedding couple this was a present for a wedding...two eggs in Love ;o)all made from fondant an flowerpaste
  • Classic white Wedding Cake
  • Rockabilly Wedding Cake This was my first work with airbruh, you can see it ;o) the little symbols are handpainted...
  • Little Miss I made this little Miss at a sugar craft workshop in Germany this weekend, i hope you enjoy it...
  • Princess on the pea ... inspired by H.C. Andersen ;o)
  • For my cousin
  • a little princess
  • for an 80 year old Grandfather he has bees and makes his own honey...
  • Cat congratulates with a little gumpaste cake ;o)
  • a sweet little cake...
  • Wedding Couple with their instruments
  • White Dove
  • Orchid It s a Carrot Cake  flower pot and the Orchids are my second attempt. Hope you enjoy it...
  • Wedding Cake Puzzle When it´s right...than it´s right...
  • Roses and Orchids ...from a Beginner
  • Ship This Ship was a Gift for the Bride´s Father...
  • Make up Bag this is my first picture for the CC hope you enjoy it !

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