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  • Pillow Pillow and shoe, shoe is gumpaste, pillow is chocolate, my 2nd pillow and shoe!
  • Garden cake I love Jacques cake from cake central magazine, I give it a try! in a small vertion, white cake, orange...
  • Aeroplane rainbowcake,vanilla icing, all cover in fondant. Was for my cousin son, the thime was aeroplane, I like the result.
  • baby white cake,vanilla icing, cover with fondant
  • baby cupcakes chocolate cup cakes, babys and blankets, made of fondat, I was lerning to use fondant   ;0) like 4 year ago
  • hands and feet vanilla cake and icing, cover with fondant, the baby is made of fondant too
  • Mom to be! white cake with pinaple filing, cover with fondant,decorations too, wilton figurin.
  • Baby gift rainbow cake,vanilla icing, cover with fondant, all fondant.
  • Cell phone White cake, almond icing,  cover with fondant,  icing numbers.Made for my brother in law, hi lovehis cell phone.
  • Golf Chocolate cake, vanillaicing, cover with fondant, figure too, got it from Carol Deacon Book
  • Sleepy White cake,vanilla icing, cover with fondant, decorations too! made it for my husbend,who liketo sleep a lot!!!!
  • Birth day cake Yellow cake, vanilla icing,cover and decoration in fondant.I made it for my aunt birth day.
  • game Vanilla icing, blueberry cup cakes,white cake, cover in fondant.Made it for my son birth day.