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  • Lily of the Valley
  • Free Range
  • Til Death do us Part
  • Fairy Princess Extravaganza! fondant covered cake with toy faries
  • Pooh & Hunny Yellow cake covered with fondant
  • Footballs & Pom Poms
  • Born to Shop
  • Decadent Butterfly Madness!
  • Behold.....The Cakewich Peanut butter frosting with strawberry filling!
  • Princess
  • Pirates & Princesses
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Air Jordan Retro 11
  • Just Ducky
  • Big Bird
  • Doll Cake
  • Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Cupcakes bunny head is a slice of marshmallow and bunny ears are slice of marshmallow cut in half and dipped in...
  • Humungous Cupcake A near disaster! I had some serious stability issues. The cupcake just wanted to slide right off the base cake....
  • chocolate box
  • princess party cake
  • The Cake Next Door
  • Retro Valentine
  • beach cake
  • Tiffany & Co White cake with buttercream filling covered with aqua fondant, gumpaste bow, tissue paper and tag.  Cakes are always more time...
  • Kung Fu Yellow cake, buttercream filled and covered with fondant
  • Black Handbag yellow pound cake, buttercream, covered with fondant. Looked better in person. It has a crocodile skin imprint. Gumpaste lipstick and...
  • Teddy Wilton stand up bear pan, super cute pan. First time I used it so I was surprised it came out...
  • feeding frenzy fondant sharks from the hello cupcake book
  • Sunday Hat fondant covered cake with gumpaste flower brushed with pearl dust and gumpaste tag
  • sea life varoius fondant sea life..jelly fish, puffer fish, octopuss etc.
  • Toilet Paper yellow cake with buttercream, wrapped with fondant. Leo was very amused!
  • backyardigans buttercream with fondant characters and gumpaste numer 2
  • Spots and Dots Buttercream with fondant circles
  • Shoe box this is from Elisa Strauss's book Confetti Cakes. Chocolate cake with buttercream covered with white fondant. Gumpaste tissue paper and...
  • sponge bob
  • Red fish Fondant fish with gumpaste fin painted with food coloring and pearl dust.
  • twilight series This is my second cake like this. It turned out cuter this time. The chess pieces are gumpaste and the...
  • leafy sea dragon fondant sea dragon with gum paste leaf fins for the dive shop!
  • Flip flops carved out of 1/3 sheet cake. buttercream and fondant accents.
  • world's greatest mom fondant plaque painted with food coloring
  • Red Fish Rice krispy fish covered with fondant and painted with food coloring. I can't seem to get my buttercream smooth and...
  • shower cake I finally got to make the baby bootie/onesie cake! Thank you to CRP7 & tripletmom for the design ideas! Fondant...
  • Wedding Cake #2 My second wedding cake. Glad that's over with!!
  • spaghetti and meatballs Cupcakes from the "hello cupcake" book I got for my birthday
  • Small Wedding 10" and 6" for a wedding renewal vow party. Used the wilton gumpaste flower kit for roses.
  • wine bottle rice krispie wine bottle covered with fondant and gum paste
  • Cherry Blossoms A fancy photographer's photo of the same cake I did back in January
  • Twilight What an ordeal the checkerboard was.......  anyhow, gumpaste chess pieces and flower, fondant apple. Maybe next time I will plan...
  • Tinkerbell
  • easter bunny basket
  • Out of the klink Well....all kinds of celebrations call for cake :)Gum paste monopoly card, bird and file "baked into the cake"
  • Spiderman I got the idea from someone on flickr, thanks!
  • Ipod Touch
  • Shut Up & Fish
  • Tops Snuff 4 layer yellow cake covered with fondant, with some gum paste accents
  • fish Thanks to bytheslice!
  • Football Stadium I made this from the pictures I found here on cc! I love our cake community!!
  • Hannah Montanna Again
  • Baby Names I'll get back to you later.......
  • Double Birthday Oh how I dislike this kind of decorating! It took me for-ev-er. I must be doing something wrong or many...
  • Daisy
  • Hannah Montana I made this from a picture I found on flickr
  • Beach I used lynsey's cake design. Mine is not nearly as cute as hers! Thanks for sharing ideas!
  • Russell Stover's Chocolates
  • 100_0861.jpg
  • Soccer Goal
  • Drum Buttercream with fondant drum sticks
  • Non-Poisonous Puffer My obsession with puffer fish finally ended up in cake.
  • Fish Bowl Copied from a magazine. A couple of years before Wilton classes when I only knew how to open a can...
  • Motorcycle
  • 1st Birthday
  • Plumeria this was an attempt to make plumeria flowers (one of my mom's favorites) for her mothers day cake
  • calla lilly
  • Wilton Course 2 final cake
  • Final Cake final cake for wilton course 3. I was so proud of my self that my cake stood up!
  • baby cradle wilton fondant & gum paste class......it was a lot fun!
  • Baby Blocks those blocks were not as easy as I thought they were going to be
  • Unicorn
  • Dora This cake was inspired by a cake I found on flickr. This is when I discovered how happy a cake...
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Barbie Cake white cake and chocolate cake, used wonder mold pan and a 10" round, covered in fondant
  • Hand Bag It was a miracle it came out! The gumpaste handle did end up breaking and I had to do it...
  • Burgandy Hat
  • Kentucky Derby Hat Taken to a Kentucky Derby party.
  • Red Hat Final cake for Wilton fondant & gum paste class, my mom's Red Hat group loved it!
  • Little Prince 1st Birthday Prince theme to match birthday party decorations. Used the instructions from the cake central tutorial on how to do the...
  • Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake My first wedding cake, a real nerve racker! 12" 10" and 6" covered in fondant (that was the tricky part)...