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  •  Housewarming Frogs  This is a 6in round on an 8in square. 6in covered in MMF, 8in covered in BC. Frogs, rocks, lilypads, flowers are all MMF. This was my first...
  •  Dh's Birthday Cake 06   Dh said, your not making a turkey this year I want a turkey cake. Another challenge answered, lol.
  •  Fooseball Cake   My dh delights in challenging me. So far, haven't let him win, lol.
  •  Swimming Pool  This was fun to make. I did it for our housewarming for the kids. Hollowed out a 9x13 cake, added blue jello for water. Teddy grahams for...
  •  Course 2 Finale   Typical finale cake. BC basketweave, royal flowers and color flow birds. Was a lot of fun to do.
  •  Grandma's Cake   8in X 3in pan with BC icing. Royal Purple pansies and daisies done with Royal Icing.
  •  Christmas 06   Made this one for Christmas this year. Basketweave with poinsettia's.
  •  Pumpkin Cake   My dh's work asked for this one. Done in BC.
  •  2Nd Birthday   I did this for my son's 2nd birthday. Everything is BC icing, except the track is brown sugar.
  •  Course 1 Finale Cake Orange Roses   BC roses and drop flowers
  •  Finale Cake For Couorse 3, First Teired Cake   Was pleasantly surprised at how well this went together. BC covered with fondant roses and small dasiy cut outs.
  •  Hamburger And Fries  My dh said I couldn't, so I proved him wrong, lol. Just an 8 inch round yellow and chocolate cake. Rice crispies for seeds and icing...
  •  On The Farm  I made this cake for Father's Day for my Grandpa. The cake is chocolate with Cool Whip icing. I used colored coconut for the grass,...