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  • Squirrels In Autumn Squirrels in Autumn
  • Back In The Kitchen And Playing With My Favourite Ladybird Theme Hope You Enjoy This One X X X Back in the kitchen and playing with my favourite ladybird theme. Hope you enjoy this one. x x x
  • Windmills Of My Mind "Windmills Of My Mind"
  • My African Sunset Using My Giraffe Pattern Lesson In Combination With My Pictures Inside Cakes Lesson Hope You Enjoy It My African sunset using my giraffe pattern lesson in combination with my pictures inside cakes lesson. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Sunflowers Inside My Cake A Celebration Of Life And Sun Sunflowers inside my cake. A celebration of life and sun.
  • Dragonflies In The Forest My Latest Picture Cake With All The Things I Love Included All Things Bright And Beautiful All Creatures Grea "Dragonflies In The Forest". My latest picture cake with all the things I love included. All things bright and beautiful,...
  • Pretty Flamingo A Pretty Flamingo cake, and a go (somewhat amateurish) at decorating some matching cookies. But I so admire all the...
  • Some Penguins Joining The Home Of The Original Inside Surprise Cake Hope My Cake Makes You Smile X X Some Penguins joining the home of the original inside surprise cake. Hope my cake makes you smile! x x
  • A Cake That I Did As An Experiment And Was Delighted With The Outcome A cake that I did as an experiment, and was delighted with the outcome.
  • The Kiss Of The Sun For Pardon The Song Of The Birds For Mirth One Is Nearer Gods Heart In A Garden Than Anywhere Else On Earth Dorot "The kiss of the sun for pardon,The song of the birds for mirth,One is nearer God's heart in a gardenThan...
  • Forest Fantasy Toadstools And Ladybirds Inside Cake "Forest Fantasy" - Toadstools and Ladybirds Inside Cake
  • Love Is In The Air Hot Air Balloons Hidden Inside The Cake With Royal Iced Cookies Made For Valentines Day "Love Is In The Air" - Hot Air Balloons hidden inside the cake, with Royal iced cookies. Made for Valentines...
  • Rainbow Inside Cake
  • My First Cake Of 2014 Fair Winds And Sunshine To All Of You My first cake of 2014 - Fair Winds and Sunshine to all of you
  • My Last Cake Of The Year Comes To All Of You With Happy Festive And Holiday Wishes To Those Celebrating Christmas May You Receive Every Bl My last cake of the year comes to all of you with happy festive and holiday wishes. To those celebrating...
  • A Christmas Pudding Cakebaked Using My Ladybirdpolka Dotclownbee Tutorial Combined With My Pan Tone Method Of Separating Colours Within A Christmas Pudding cake,baked using my Ladybird/Polka Dot/Clown/Bee tutorial, combined with my Pan-Tone method of separating colours within the cake.
  • He Shall Remain Nameless Till You Choose A Name For Him This is a cake based on my ladybird/bee/polka and clown tutorial, combined with my Pan-Tones Lesson. One of the easier...
  • "Squark"....My newest Pictures Inside Cake, which I think is perfect for a pirate party.  This is one of my inside picture cakes, in which I shall later post the 3D tree before I cut...
  • "Bats" Picture Inside Cake
  • Final Owl Cake For Fb Branded
  • "Incy Wincy Halloweeny" Picture inside cake with isomalt spiders web.
  • "Incy Wincy Halloweeny" "Incy Wincy Halloweeny" is created using my pictures inside cakes method, and a twist on my giraffe/zebra lesson. Made the...
  • Veggie Cake With Edible Chocolate Stones A fun chocolate veggie garden cake with the picture running through each slice.
  • Xmas In July My Xmas In July using my inside surprise cake method.
  • "Strawberry Milkshake" Hidden surprise with a twist to the theme.
  • My Most Ambitious Adventure Into Hidden Surprise Cakes I Love Making This One And The Way It Turned Out I Made The Sand In Front Of The Ca My most ambitious adventure into hidden surprise cakes. I love making this one and the way it turned out. I...
  • Inside Surprise Cakes All Based On My Unique Methods And Tutorials Using my zebra, leopard, and giraffe tutorial, combined with the pictures inside cake tutorial, I created this safari type cake.
  • Inside Surprise Rooster And Sunflowers Inside Surprise rooster and sunflowers
  • Ladybirds Inside My Cakes My completely original solution to ladybirds inside my cakes.
  • Zebra Stripes Inside My Cake This is my own original method of getting zebra stripes that look like the real thing into my cakes.
  • Squirrel in the woods An edible image cake with chocolate leaves and gum paste acorns, for a fairy tale party in the woods.