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  • Minnie1 *
  • Mckiah1 005jpg
  • Orchid Wedding Cake 001jpg
  • Baby shower
  • 1343353190.JPG
  • MickeyandMinnie Mickey and Minnie made from fondant cutouts...for twin that will be 1
  • Peanuts characters thank you brea1026 for all your help!  This was so much fun to  make  : )
  • 4 wheeler wedding cake
  • Toilet cake Probably one of the funniest cakes I have attempted...was fun to do though!
  • Bridal shower cake This was made for a bridal shower...she is an EMT, so this is what we came up with..thanks for all...
  • Thomas the train
  • butterflies and flowers cake
  • Cheeseburger cake
  • bikini cake
  • golf cake
  • Lots of Chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate b/c and chocolate covered strawberries in a chocolate dish
  • Bridal shower Thanks to all the cc users whose ideas I used...1/2 sheet with mmf dress
  • grave digger cake 1/2 sheet cake, b/c frosting ..truck made out of rkt and fondant accents
  • Pool Table Full size sheet cake, covered in mmf and fondant accents
  • Monkey Theme Baby Shower Cake
  • Monkey Baby Shower Cake
  • Niagra Falls This cake was made for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary...their daughter said they spent their honeymoon at Niagra...
  • Hunter This was made for a bow and arrow is old school...but, hope they like it just the same
  • Koopers 4th birthday b/c icing...eyes and mouth are fondant  as well as all the little critters
  • racecar cake racecar is made out of rkt and covered in fondant..this was soooo hard...what was I thinking?
  • Princess Cake white cake with b/c icing and fondant accents
  • John Deere /Book Cake This cake was made for two brothers whose birthdays are close, one likes to read and the other is crazy...
  • spiderman cake
  • gift box cake white cake iced with b/c and covered in fondant
  • Thanksgiving cake white cake with whipped topping...does anyone have a good whipped topping recipe that is good and firm and easy to...
  • 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed white cake with b/c frosting...3 little monkeys jumping on the bed fondant characters
  • tractor
  • Wizard of Oz Cake
  • Halloween cookies
  • baby shower cake white cake covered in mmf, fondant accents
  • Dallas Cowboy Helmet Cake 4 10" layers of cake carved and covered in MMF
  • Louis Vuitton Whew....another tough one...but, a lesson learned...wish I could go back and redo...but, it's too late, for the most part...
  • Grave Digger This one was tough...ran out of time, would like to have put more detail on the side...but I know Drew...
  • Dannies Dallas Cowboys Cake
  • Batman cake for Gage chocolate cake with b/c icing and color flow buildings
  • scooby doo and the mystery machine
  • My 1st wedding cake whew!  Don't know if I could do these is a big task, I think I was as nervous as...
  • Raina's 1st birthday If anyone has some good tips on how to put mmf on a cake, I would love some tips...seems I...
  • Ladybug Baby Shower Cake
  • Our donut bakers retirement cake Got this idea from Lorraine Mckay (aine2) the best there is!  Thanks Lorraine for sharing your talent with all of...
  • misc2009_008.JPG Topper that i made for my grandmas 92nd birthday, grandpa, unfortunately is not with us anymore, but, he loved growing...
  • My 1st Barbie Cake Thanks to all of those on here with their great ideas, mine isn't near as pretty as some I have...
  • Chads birthday cake Got this from Debbie Browns books...however, I used b/c instead of fondant to cover the cake with.  Next time I...
  • Butterfly cookies nfsc decorated with royal icing
  • Easter cookies nfsc decorated with royal icing
  • Coltons_5th_bday_cake_003.JPG Spongebob cake b/c frosting, fondant figures made for my great nephews bday
  • Ambers_30th_bday_cake_005.JPG Carrot cake b/c frosting, fondant figures Made this for my girlfriend who makes diaper cakes....she made one with a sock...
  • Fishing Cake Chocolate Cake with chocolate b/c frosting, fondant figures
  • Angel Cake B/C with fondant figures
  • Boy playing with dolphin B/C Frosting with fondant figures
  • Jakes bday cake Sea Life Buttercream frosting..fondant figures...
  • Valentines Cake for Mom Using Aine 2's tutorial...Thanks for the great idea Lorraine!  Can't wait to give mom the cake tomorrow!
  • Valentines_Day_010.JPG Front view
  • 2michellescake_003.JPG B/C  frosting with fondant figures , This is a sideview of the cake posted previously so you can see her...
  • pink_poodle_cookies_005.JPG Pink Poodle cookies
  • Lonnies_bday_cake_002.JPG Birthday cake for Lonnie...covered with fondant  and all pieces are made with fondant/gumpaste mixture
  • Cosita This is our daughters dog, Cosita, who likes to put on Mikes xbox headphones and listen as he plays....made these...
  • Jodis 4oth bday...front of cake
  • travisandjanice_012.JPG Cake for Travis' 30th....white cake with buttercream frosting, and cards are made with an edible image, my first shot at...
  • November_252008_007.JPG Birthday cake for 2 year old Haley, holding her favorite lime green teddy bear...everything is made out of fondant.
  • wizanniversary_002.JPG Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream Cala lilies are made of fondant, my first try at them...
  • Brooklyns puppy cake Puppy Cake that I made for Brooklyns 1st bday...My second fondant cake...Thanks Aine2 for all your inspiration, I know it...
  • wizanniversary_003.JPG Wizard of Oz Cake with Fondant Figures
  • misc2008_013.JPG Made this cake for my girlfriends children for their birthdays..thanks for looking : ) Thanks to all of those on...
  • FSSCake20082_001.JPG Front view
  • hopefaithdukehannahmontana_010.JPG Hannah Montana Cake  Thanks to all on this website for all the helpful ideas!!!
  • puppy_family_001.JPG puppy family
  • carmens 3rd bday
  • kents_cake_2008_009.JPG My first fondant figure cake...what fun this is!

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