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  • Go Yankees! covered in fondant w fondant bill.  Used a piece of cardboard under the bill while it was drying
  • Christmas lights fondant lights
  • snowman cupcakes
  • Christmas cookies
  • Poinsettia cake White chocolate mousse cake w white chocolate curls and a gumpaste poinsettia
  • Dahlia cake I wanted to give this Dahlia a try.  In hindsight, I should've made more so the cake looked fuller w...
  • Jungle cookie pops All fondant on sugar cookies.  Thanks for looking :)
  • Lion Cups
  • Baby train This was based off an idea from cakejournal...thanks Louise! :)
  • angel cake
  • Dinosaur cake
  • bug garden Thanks for looking :)
  • flowery cookies
  • Flowery b-day cake I always make fondant covered cakes, but this time I wanted to try the frostin' was yummy!  Flowers are...
  • fresh flowers My first try at using fresh flowers...and a square wedding cake.  I forgot how hard squares were to perfect! :)
  • Hamburger cake I thought I would give this a try.  It was for a groom's cake for a guy who loves his...
  • Alice in Wonderland all fondant figures
  • Lego Cake individual cakes covered in fondant
  • monkey girls This is for my "monkey" niece's b-day cake.  Made out of chocolate fondant
  • Fun Spring flowers I saw a cute idea, I wanted to morph it a bit...Marshmallows sliced up, then dipped in sanding sugars, non...
  • My first wedding cake! :) I was not at all happy with how this turned out, but apparently the bride was happy, so that's what...
  • love turning 8 chocolate ganache and raspberry filled cake covered in fondant w fondant flowers.  For my daughter's 8th b-day.  She designed it...
  • Boy Scout Fundraiser Auction Motocross racing track scene.  Chocolate cake with brown sugar coating to look like sand.  Hills are molded Rice Crispy treats....
  • flowers a plenty
  • Striped letters I wanted to try making striped fondant for the letters, but they were a bit fragile  so I couldn't stand...
  • cake cookies I wanted to give these a try.  I've realized all the things I want to do differently next time, but...
  • Valentine cookies made w/ rolled fondant (fondariffic-  it tastes yummy!) and fondant accents.
  • baseball cupcakes fondant covered
  • Go Dodgers!!
  • flower petit fours
  • 75th b-day I didn't have much notice for this cake so I did a really large border (b/c I'm terrible at making...
  • tropical cupcakes
  • Peter Rabbit
  • halloween cucakes Spider cupcakes from Bakerella.
  • cake truffles
  • pumpkin cookies sugar cookies w/ fondariffic fondant and bc accents
  • pink flower cupcakes fondant flowers w/ cream cheese frosting
  • Abby turns 2! White chocolate crowns sprinkled w/ sanding sugar
  • soccer cupcakes buttercream w/ black fondant and piping
  • under the sea cake
  • under the sea fondant hand molded figures, white chocolate w/ non pareils "Josiah" name plate.
  • Under the sea cupcakes (second batch) I got these ideas from several other photos I saw...thanks for the inspiration!  Coral is candy melts, seaweed is royal...
  • under the sea cupcakes I got these ideas from several other photos I saw...thanks for the inspiration!  Coral is candy melts, seaweed is royal...
  • fish bowl cupcakes I saw these in a cupcake book and had to try them for my son who loves "fishies"
  • baby boy shower cake
  • hamburger and fries I got this idea from bakerella...such a crafty lady!  Cupcake bun, brownie hamburger patty, coconut lettuce, buttercream ketchup and mustard,...
  • cupcake bouquets mini cupcakes for teacher appreciation week
  • Hawaiian Birthday Cake My first paid cake! :)
  • Easter cookies I got this idea from Louise from cakejournal and just improvised with stuff I had.
  • tea party desserts an assortment of treats for my daughter's 7th b-day
  • hearts and roses covered in fondant w/ fondant ribbon roses
  • garden party cakes RI butterflies, fondant flowers.  I made these cakes for my daughter's tea party birthday.  They took FOREVER, but she really...
  • daisy cake
  • under the sea cake
  • summer fun cupcakes
  • mini wedding cakes
  • ferris wheel cupcakes I was SOO bummed that my icing "smiles" bled so much.  My son like the overall product though, which in...
  • chocolate flower cupcakes flowers are made with candy melts
  • flower butterfly cupcakes bc flowers, fondant butterflies
  • flower cupcakes

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