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  • Royal iced Christmas cake. Homage to Eddie Spence MBE R.i. cake. This is Eddie's Spence design, the gazebo and the decoration of the cake. My homage to THE MASTER...
  • The Three Graces Royal icing collar, pressure piping for the Three Graces
  • Mother's Day cookies Royal Iced Cookies
  • Ruby cake Tis is a dummy cake I made just for practise some piping techniques :)TFL
  • Broderie Anglaise Cake
  • First Communion/Confirmation cake This is the cake I did for my son Matteo. Royal icing scrolls work. Inspiration come from Eddie Spence's book.
  • Geisha cake I made this cake during my class with Eddie Spence MBE
  • Rivalta Project I have been asked to make this cake for an Italian magazine. I had to give my interpretation od an...
  • Sofia's Christening cake Linda Pawsey inspiration
  • Christening cake I did this cake for a friend of mine. Inspirations comes fron Anne Smith's book.
  • Emboidery cake Royal Icing Brush/stitch embroidery, cornelli work and lace butterfly.TFL
  • Gabriella's cake That's the cake I did for a special friend of mine. Inspired by Wedgwood and Eddie Spence.Royal Icing runout collar...
  • christmas cookies Royal icing christmas cookies
  • All White... Royal Icing lace pieces, Embroidery, Garrett Frill. Modelling paste little flowers.TFL
  • Two hearts and...a little house... :o) This was a wedding cake topper. The structure of the house is gumpaste, modelling paste for flowers and figurines.  Sugared...
  • Collar cake I made this cake during a course in the UK with EDDIE SPENCE MBE.
  • Royal Icing cookies Painted flowers and cameos.
  • first wired rose first attempt in making a wired rose. The paste dried so quickly and some petals cracked...but I am quite pleased...
  • Roberta's birthday cake First brush embroidery, royal icing lace pieces on the side of the cake, hand painted board.
  • Eva's cake
  • Royal icing cookies...vintage. I made this cookier for Valentine's day. First time I attempte this technique. Hand painted R.I. cameos.Thanks for looking
  • Giorgia's Birthday cake Winnie & Friends are made in modelling paste as well as the snowflakes and stars.Royal Icing accents.
  • From the the Moon... I made this cake for Lorenzo's - my son - 7th birthday. Fondant cake, hand painted board.
  • Autumn's leaves I made this cake only in one day: almost a nightmare! Covered the cake, made figurines (not happy with them)...
  • Mom's birthday cake Royal Icing lace pieces, R.I. filigree butterfly, R.I.cornelli work . Hand painted board, plaque and floral cameos.
  • birthday cake Hand painted plaque.
  • Confirmation cake basket of roses inspired by Brenda Purton but I otally hand made it in gum paste and modelling paste.
  • birthday cake
  • 1_ANNIVERS_MIO_049INTERA_OK.JPG My anniversary cake...12 years! Tried Broderie Anglaise technique.The pattern is from " The International School of Sugarcraft" by N. Lodge...
  • cookies fondant, hand painted, royal icing,
  • Easter cookies in white Fondant Royal icing
  • Easter cookies Hand painted
  • Roses
  • Rose and butterfly Fondant Rose and Royal Icing butterfly.
  • For you...for us.... Attempting string wors.... and other piping. I made more than 100 roses...A LOT OF WORK! LOL!
  • Merry Christmas!!
  • Snowman Cookies!
  • My birthday cake I was born in winter....but I like flowers! So this is my birthday cake. Fondant and Royal Icing.
  • Christmas cookies...snowflakes Fondant and royal icing
  • A birthday cake which smells of Christmas... It's my youngest kid's birthday today. He has been waiting for Christmas since I made this cake for
  • the dragon on the "crostata" Here, in Italy we call this kind of cake "crostata". It's a very simple I added a dragon inspired...
  • tavola_apparecchiata_in_verde.JPG dinner's ready...
  • Puppies birthday cake First tiered cake inspired by Aine2 tutorials, photos and video.Chocolate mud cake
  • tavola_apparecch_versione_fin.JPG Birthday cake for my husband . 50 YEARS!
  • Pirate cake
  • torta_serena1.JPG Birthday cake for my daughter. She wanted bows and silver dragees...
  • torta_matteo1.JPG A birthday cake for my son. Made in mmf.
  • torta_per_fulvia.JPG A present for my dear friend Fulvia. Chocolate sponge cake, chocolate ganache filling. YUM!
  • Mum's birthday cake. My sweet present for her.Firs Royal icing piping dots, (my hands were shaking......!) first swagsLemon cake, Lemon cream filling.

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