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  •  Lady Bug Cake  Took some ideas from several posted cakes here. Thanks!! 1/2 of the Sports ball pan for the body and the mini ball pan for the head. Butter...
  •  Gilmorewedding_Small.jpg  I do not know the original poster of this cake. My client saw it here and copied the pic. I searched for the cake and could not find it to...
  •  Heartcake_Small.jpg  Buttercream frosting. I made the hearts out of fondant and attached them with toothpicks. I piped a buttercream frosting border on the...
  •  Rhonda50_Small.jpg   Butter cream frosting. I made the 50 out of chocolate candy melts and a candy mold.
  •  Elmo Cake  I used some ideas from PunkyF (thanks)..I also used the Elmo tutorial posted here by fairy cakes. (thanks to you too)..Royal icing over...
  •  Surfing Cake  I borrowed this idea from some cakes I saw here. TY..Buttercream frosting, piping gel water, graham cracker beach, fondant feet sticking...
  •  Bumbel Bee Transformer   Buttercream frosting.
  •  Raphael Teenagemutant Turtle   Buttercream frsoing. I added food color to the cake to make it green when you cut into it..
  •  Bikini Cake   Buttercream frosting.
  •  Crane_Cake_Small.jpg   Buttercream frosting, gumpaste 80's. Toy cranes. My friend's Dad turned 80 and he is a retired crane operator.
  •  Housewarming Cake   Wilton house cake pan on top of a sheet cake pan. Buttercream frosting, fondant sidewal, gumpaste flowers.
  •  Hannah Montana   Wilton guitar pan. Gumpaste daisies. I borrowed the idea from a poster at the Wilton site.
  •  Uga Football   Wilton football pan on top of the large oval pan.