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  • Plain Jane Bought flowers-sorry i do not do well with flowers lol They do not look good!
  • Birthday Cake All BC. First time fondant bow!
  • Basket 1st attempt at basket weave. Fun once you practice with it!
  • Over the hill Made to look like the invite.
  • THE DOG- Had the worst time trying to find ideas for a "The DOG" themed birthday cake for my son so I...
  • Castle 1st time making one of these. was a lot of work and fun. used wiltin kit pcs.
  • Grave Digger All BC-Not transfer, with some cake crumbs
  • Swing
  • Purse
  • Cupcakes Found this on here, thanks to whom had done it before! I loved it!
  • Sesame Street All done in BC-Not transfer
  • Prince 1st Birthday Fondant Accents
  • Birthday
  • Birthday Mickey
  • Birthday
  • ..............
  • Baby Shower All BC-Big roses were bouhgt. Mine are still not looking good lol
  • John Deere All in Buttercream
  • Wedding Ring Quilt Cake Was not as easy as I thought :) Fondant pcs on top
  • So sweety Tweety
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Cupcake Cupcake Cake Cupcake cake made to look as a large cupcake.
  • Flip-Flops
  • Happy 30th So many of my cakes on here that I am loading are done with and with out ideas from CC....
  • Elvis Was a short notice so had to laminate photo v.s getting image done. I would love to have my own...
  • Bambi
  • John Deere
  • Dale Jr
  • Swimming Pool cake Cake all in BC with fondant figures. Lots of fun.
  • Cody's 2nd Birthday Cake Farm cake all in BC. Animals done in fondant. Letters are scrapbooking letters.
  • Donated Cake Cakes donated to firemans carnival so I took our towns logo and did it in BC. Tons of green and...
  • Donated to Carnival All bc with ribbon and fake flowers.
  • Stars and Stripes All bc. Just something easy for a customer. Done right before we left for vacation
  • Paul Ewing Cake Did this for my husbands work.  All BC. The company logo on it.
  • Golf Course Cake Buttercream cake with fondant covered golf ball, fandant hills. Little plastic golf cart and trees. Lots of fun but o...
  • Wanna be Elvis lol I redid the face on this cake two times. I think it ihorriable,  but the girl who ordered it liked...
  • Wedding Cake Very first cake that was more then one layer lol. I think it turned out ok. The humidity was horrible...
  • Donated Carnival Cake BC icing with ribbon and bow on top. First time doing the swiggly lines on a cake ans WOW that...
  • Curious George Again not sure who idea came from but Thanks!All done in bc. All hand drawn and piped. Then smoothed over.
  • Jungle Not sure who I got the idea from. ( I love everyones cake they really inspire you to try them.)...
  • Thomas Cake I just made this for our friends sons 2nd birthday. Everything was hand drawn except the outer lines. Iam not...
  • First Birthday I made this for my sons first birthday to match his theme. Ths cake is bc with fondant cutouts.
  • Christening Cake I made thic cake for my sons Christening, first time making roses. I ened up so many trying to get...
  • Ladybug