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  • Green Angry Bird AppleMark
  • Angry Birds Treats AppleMark
  • Lego Star Wars Cake  handmade modeling chocolate figures
  • Angry Birds Cake AppleMark
  • Angry Birds Pigs  Angry Birds Pigs Rice Krispie Treats with modeling chocolate
  • Angry Birds Pigs  Angry Birds Pigs Rice Krispie Treats
  • Angry Birds Pigs  Angry Birds Pigs Rice Krispie Treats
  • Angry Birds Pigs Angry Birds Pigs
  • Hello Kitty Cake
  • Blue Angry Birds Blue Angry Birds rice krispie treats
  • Red Angry birds Red Angry Birds Rice Krispie Treats
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty,Rice Krispie cake cover with modeling chocolate
  • Pineapple cake Pineapple  3D cake.
  • Lego Star Wars figures Handmade modeling chocolate lego Star Wars figures
  • Lego Star Wars Cupcakes Handmade chocolate molding Toppers
  • Flounder and Sebastian Cupcakes!! modeling chocolate handmade Flounder and Sebastian cupcakes toppers!
  • Black Belt Karate Cake
  • Baseball rice krispie treats!! Rice krispie treats cover with white chocolate and fondant!!
  • Baby shower
  • baby shower the baby is made with modeling chocolate and the crib with fondant and gummy past!!
  • Edward tang engine I didn't plane this cake and I only have couple hours what come up a disaster... but my boy loved!!
  • Thomas cupcake
  • fairy cake
  • pumpkin cake disaster
  • Disaster corona cake
  • Tony karate cake
  • MINNIE cake pound cake with strawberries and merengue and cover with whipped cream!! the eyes, tongue and nose made with fondant!
  • RED Fire Truck cake
  • halloween cake
  • single rose
  • Dora Cake!!
  • Pet shop cake!!
  • Thomas and his friends!! The trains are modeling chocolate, and the cake is chocolate with chocolate ganache cover with fondant!!
  • Beauty cake I used modeling chocolate!!!
  • Minnie mouse
  • butterfly my first hand made chocolate butterfly!!!
  • beach!! first time work w chocolate molding...
  • 122601052764179.JPG
  • baby under the blanket
  • basket roses
  • dinosaur cake
  • Elmo cake
  • Princess Pillow Cake
  • beehive  cake
  • pink flamingo I challenge my self with this cake!! nobody realize this is a cake (thats good!!)
  • rocket ship little einstein!! I made this cake for my husband!!!
  • Cruise ship I made this cake for a bridal shower. Is decorate with fondant.
  • Candy Castle I made this cake for my nice 8 years birthday, she loved!! I decorate with fondant, icing and candy!!
  • Dog I made this cake for my nice, is pound cake with strawberries cover with whipped cream and the pink is...
  • Bear Is my first 3D cake!!! I made for my son first birthday!!
  • mc queen I made this cake for my son first day in school!! He loved!!

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