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  •  Logan's Angry Birds  Made this cake specially for my oldest grandson Logan. They all loved being able to play the angry birds game with the cake. The ice, rocks...
  •  Mccleskey's Haunted Trail & House  I make a cake for their Halloween party every year. This year they were having Jason and Freddie along their haunted trail and wanted them...
  •  Pontoon Fishing  pound cake covered with fondant. The fisherman is made of fondant. The seats are made of rice crispy treats covered with fondant. I used...
  •  Flowers For Mom  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Gum paste and fondant flowers with a gum paste tag with writing and detail done with food coloring pen...
  •  Haunted House
  •  The World  Everything is edible. I made the band around the globe with gum paste a week in advance so it would dry very hard, then painted it with...
  •  Pretty In Pink   The cake is pound cake with cream cheese frosting and the purse is also pound cake covered with fondant. The shoe is make from gum paste.
  •  Forever   This cake is Italian Cream with Cream Cheese icing. The gold band and the lilies are made from fondant.

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